Former Tottenham Hotspur Star’s Fail Dive?

Former Tottenham Hotspur Star’s Fail Dive?Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric seems to be enjoying his holidays to the fullest. Despite not winning any major trophy last season, the Croatian could not care less about the year that has gone and will look ahead for a fresh start next season.
Modric had a decent first season for Los Blancos as he is still learning and settling in Spain. For now, the ex Spurs star is enjoying holidays and perhaps he also needs to learn how to dive, that is if the below given snap was actually an attempted dive.
The Croatian is surely flying high in the snap provided below but the way he is falling, the landing must have really hurt bad. It does not look like he had enough time to change his descending position.

Luka Modric Dive

Two comments on his picture perhaps explain the situation precisely.

  • Lol looks like you’re about to belly flop
  • That looks like a painful result

Whether it was an attempted dive or a jump, only he would know better. If it was the former, then that seems as one fail dive by former Tottenham Hotspur star.
For now he can enjoy his holidays. The Croat will return from vacations to find a new manager in charge at Real Madrid. Reportedly Carlo Ancelotti may as well be the man in charge next season. Ancelotti has always been an admirer of Modric and the midfielder will likely be glad if he arrives.

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