Madrid Not Sure that Liverpool Star is Worth Price Tag

Madrid Not Sure that Liverpool Star is Worth Price TagAfter losing out on all major titles, Madrid are set for summer overhaul and are linked with a host of top quality players. Mourinho is departing soon and the in-coming manager will have vast amount of funds to reinforce Los Blancos so as to bounce back next season.
While Barca are close to signing Neymar, Madrid are looking for world class players as well and the latest linked is none other than Liverpool’s star man Luis Suarez. The 9 time European champions are reportedly looking to bid €40 million for the Uruguayan but are not sure that Liverpool is star is worth the price tag.
Liverpool have reiterated many a times that they are not even remotely interested in selling their star man this summer. Then again they rate him very very high and deservedly so as he is clearly one of the best players in the world right now.
Although controversial, but on the field of play, there are only few better than him. The mentioned price is clearly too low at first then to report that they are not sure whether even he is worth 40 million or not is laughable. As Marca reports:

“Real may be in with a chance of picking up the player if it offers a sum approaching €40 million, but there are many doubts back in Madrid. They are not sure that the Uruguayan is worth the price tag.”

The Uruguayan is happy at Liverpool and the club also knows that they have to keep their star players in order to further progress. Rodgers has done a decent job and will need his best player to have any chance of ensuring a top 4 finish next season.
In such a scenario, Liverpool are surely not desperate to lose their prized asset and that too for cheap. They sold Fernando Torres for 50 million pounds and Suarez easily provides more than Torres with his world class trickery and ability.
Adding to that, the inflated transfer market also suggests that Madrid have to come up with a very improved offer to even make Liverpool notice at first.
Nevertheless, Suarez is worth more than €40 million and perhaps for the merseysiders the Uruguayan is priceless. In case Madrid are really not sure that Liverpool star is worth the price tag then the only possible solution for them is to forget about signing him.
From Liverpool’s viewpoint, they would want everyone to forget about signing their star man but a player like Suarez is always going to be tracked by top clubs.
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Dusko Cakovic

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  1. Rubet says:

    Suarez will stay but if Liverpool fail to qualify for CL next season he is gone fore sure

  2. j75j says:

    If Cavani is worth £60 million surely Suarez is worth £40 million plus!!!

  3. luke says:

    Suarez is definitely not worth 40M, he is worth much more!!!

  4. steve says:

    real Madrid know all to well that he is worth every penny of 40 mill, there just kicking tires to keep the price low, looks like its going to be a long summer fending off the big guns, just hope we can hang on to him

  5. Rob says:

    Suarez is definitely worth more than 40 mill, I’d say 50 mill would be a decent offer.
    All clubs are willing to sell a player if the price is good enough. If Liverpool receive a ridiculously high offer, they will sell him. I’m a big fan of Suarez, but no player is bigger than the club, if LFC sells Suarez, they will be able to improve the team as a whole greatly.

  6. Jay says:

    Real made an offer of 140m Euros to prize Naymar from Barca. So, using that as a benchmark, Suarez is worth at least half that.

  7. Fitz07 says:

    Sureal Madrid. From where did the divie conjour up such a small figure? Deffo not from an LFC source thats for sure.

  8. Danwaziri says:

    Luiz suarez worth more than 40mill,though i dont think lfc are ready to sell him out,bcos is 1 of the best players online,lewandosky,suarez,schemstieger,ronaldo,messi and van persie.

  9. Bayo says:

    Suarez should not leave Anfield

  10. Thombu Piranok Franco says:

    He’s worth that ridiculous €40m + benzema & di maria. cough that?

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