Can Arsenal Compete with the Wealthiest?

Can Arsenal Compete with the Wealthiest?Although Arsenal are without doubt one of the wealthiest and most profitable clubs in the world still when it comes to transfer market, they spend cash as if in loss or something. Once again, they will have funds this year but can Arsenal compete with the wealthiest?
Despite not winning a single trophy in a long time, every year gunners are linked with quality stars. One of the main reasons behind that is they always seal champions league qualification. Having said that, no matter how profitable they are, whenever a sum of 30 odd million is in question, Arsenal cannot or do not compete.
We do not have to go way back in time to find examples of such transfer trends of Arsenal football club. The gunner supporters are desperate to see big names sign for the club instead of leaving them every year but the management do not pay much heed. Will that change next season?
Recently, Arsenal were linked with young German starlet Mario Goetze. Although, the move never seemed a step up for Goetze who will play Champions League final for Dortmund in a few weeks’ time still was there any chance that Arsenal would have paid 35 million for him? The Dortmund playmaker will join German champions Bayern Munich for the mentioned price at the end of current campaign.
Another young superstar linked with Arsenal recently is Malaga’s Isco. The boy is a supreme talent and again will cost more than 30 million or so. Recently reports suggest that French powerhouse Paris Saint-Germain are also interested in the versatile midfielder.
For now there is nothing concrete in the deal but just that report makes one think that Arsenal cannot compete with PSG to sign Isco. Can they? Given that they have good transfer relations with Malaga having signed Cazorla and Monreal already?
Wages is another factor why Arsenal lose out on stars like the ones mentioned above who can get double wages elsewhere than what gunners may offer them.
Goes without saying, it is highly unlikely that Arsenal can lure Isco who is arguably one of the hottest young prospects in the footballing world right now but gunners really have to change the transfer trends a lot if they are to sign top quality stars and end the trophy drought.
Numerous other stars are linked with a move to Emirates as well and Arsenal are more than capable of paying a hefty sum to sign their targets and compete with the wealthiest but for that will they alter their so called business sense?
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  1. Jusir says:

    They can but they will NOT simple
    Isco is a distant dream
    Id be happy if we can pay 20 atleast for Jovetic

  2. Will says:

    Read this kinda article time and time again and it’s getting boring. Arsenal have chosen a long term strategy that will come into fruition over the next few years. It took us 15 years to become the financial powerhouse we are now (without the need of a benefactor) and as an Arsenal fan, i dont care how long it takes before we win a trophy again as long as we do it in the correct and sensible way.
    If we sign a £30million star, in this day and age £100,000 a week basic is pretty standard these days. If he stays with us for at least 3 years, we’re already dropped £15million on wages alone and not even mentioning bonuses. Now if typical football fans out there want a squad full of these overpaid divas, then we’ll be bust within years. Once the financial fair play rules kick in, we will be the ONLY club who can afford these players we’re demanding.

    • Famea says:

      Hearing of FFP for some time now and all these years Arsenal have been waiting for FFP?? and because of that wait Arsenal have gone down badly from competing for titles to only top 4.
      I don’t mind if we cannot spend 30m but for a start stop selling stars.
      Will you sound as one of those patient AFC fans but seriously with that mindset we are going to stay where we are. wth is that profit for , ok future use, but when in future after 15 years ?

  3. kiki says:

    not until usmanov assumes total ownership of the club.he is right,stan won’t create a winning team..he wont splash the cash.usmanov must take over,he feels for the fans and loves the club.

  4. Mjc says:

    Take it you’re on his payroll? You certainly sound like it….

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