Are they Really Happy? LFC Stars with Mixed Remarks

Are they Really Happy? LFC Stars with Mixed RemarksLiverpool may have agreed deals for Kolo Toure and Iago Aspas (not confirmed) but they are in danger of losing their two top stars. The players in discussion are Luis Suarez and Pepe Reina who both claim to be very happy at merseyside but is that really the case.
Reina has been Liverpool’s main goalie since he signed for reds back in 2005. On the other hand, Luis Suarez was their player of the season and manager Brendan Rodgers has reiterated many a times that he is not interested in selling both the stars this summer.
To build the squad for next season, Rodgers priority is to keep vital players. However, Reina and Suarez may have other ideas. Despite claiming that they are happy at the club, both have clearly stated that they find it hard to reject Spaniards i.e. Barcelona and Real Madrid.
While Luis Suarez has thanked the Liverpool supporters for their throughout support but that almost feels like he is saying, “Thank you and Goodbye” The Uruguayan stated his mixed remarks:

“I love Liverpool and everyone knows I have a contract” but added “It would be difficult to say No to Madrid”

His concerns about British media are genuine but so are the concerns with his behavior and controversial acts. He is happy at Liverpool but not in England and the mixed remarks have had Liverpool fans worried. Although, his agent claimed that Suarez is staying but well an official offer from Madrid may alter his words. Remember Aquilani’s Franco Zavaglia.
Coming to Reina, the Spaniard was the best goalie in the premier league under the management of Benitez but since Rafa departed, his form turned worst. Although Reina did improve last season but his statements also sound similar to Suarez’s. He claimed:

“I have a contract with Liverpool and I’m very happy in England. At present, I just have an option: stay at Liverpool”
“Everything else is just talk. There has been no direct contact. Barcelona is a great club and it is difficult to say no to a club like Barcelona.”

Real Madrid are probably selling Higuain and may show firm interest in Suarez to challenge Barcelona next season who have already signed top quality player in Neymar. As far as the Catalan side is concerned, Reina can be a possible replacement for Valdes.
Madrid and Barca are two of the best teams in the world who seemingly guarantee trophies and surely, anyone will find it hard to reject them. For now, no concrete offer has been made, but if that happens then there is no guarantee that Liverpool’s happy/unhappy stars will stay.
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  1. gaeyhn says:

    Suarez wants out bcoz of media
    Reina only got poor becoz LFC never made CL, when you become a mediocre side, your players play mediocre too

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