Carlos Vela: Why it didn't Work Out at Arsenal for El Bombardero

Carlos Vela: Why it Didn't work out at Arsenal for El BombarderoMexican forward Carlos Vela, formerly of Arsenal, has been superb this season for Real Sociedad in La Liga, scoring 13 goals, and getting 9 assists. (As well as 9 yellow cards.)
Vela played 29 games for Arsenal in between loans to West Brom, Osasuna, and Real Sociedad, before joining La Liga’s fourth best side permanently.
During Vela’s stay at Arsenal he showed off his superb talent, associating himself with a scoop chip, which I myself saw live many a time. His first coming in a 6-0 win over Sheffield United, which is a game I was at. (Search ‘Carlos Vela amazing goal’ on YouTube).
From then on, I took a liking to Vela, he was unbelievably talented, had the touch of an angel, and was a good finisher also. After a number of  good appearances in the Carling Cup, Vela only managed to get a couple of sub appearances in the Premier League, in which he didn’t perform as well.
However, in his moves to Spanish clubs, he played like he did in the Carling Cup, still scoring that trademark chip whenever possible, and attempting it even if it wasn’t.
Vela is now doing so well at Sociedad, and his failure at Arsenal was due to one main reason. The Mexican is far too lightweight. He found it easy in the Carling Cup against some 18 year old shoe-maker from Barnsley, but simply couldn’t deal with a 6 foot German monster looming over him on a cold night in Stoke, compared to the slightly hotter Mexico where he was born.
In Spain, the play is so very different to in England, where the defenders are less physical, and the build up play is less direct. This means Vela can thrive, and run at players, as well as using his good technical ability to play good passes (shown by his 9 assists so far this season.) However, in England he simply wasn’t given the time, nor the space.
Arsenal still hold a buy-back clause in Vela, of about 3 million, but do not expect that to be activated, because Wenger knows that Vela will never succeed in England. This is part of the reason Wenger played Vela at left-wing in any Premier League game, as most wingers can afford to be lightweight, and flimsy. But, Vela is not a left-winger, he is a striker, who can sometimes play as a right-winger, cutting inside. Playing at a smaller club like Real Sociedad also gives him more freedom, and the more fluid front lines in Spanish teams allow for him to move from winger to striker and back again during a match.
It is a great pity that Vela will only ever succeed in a country like Spain or Portugal, where the play is more technical, which suits Vela to a tee, as he is one of my favourite players, and although happy to see him helping Real Sociedad to a Champions League spot, I’d love him to be doing the same for Arsenal.
Still, El Bombardero is only 24, which is still below Wenger’s 29 year old cut off point, and maybe if Vela’s good form continues, it won’t matter that he’s a little lightweight, and maybe he will return to play in red again? I hope so. But don’t put your house on it. Or your cat.
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  1. Yahrn says:

    I dont like this generalization that he or anyone is too light weight for PL
    when a player does not get a fair shot and regular run of games you cannot say anything

  2. William says:

    Surely Wenger shd know better.He shd get muscular guys 185cm and above. Lennon is making use of his peed and he plays on the wing.
    Wenger better get his act right. Too much time has been wasted over lightweight players and pretty soccer.

  3. crispen says:

    Why was he taken off the Mexican squad?.. You don’t think that he would have the same issue with AW. He will never come back.

  4. Howard says:

    He’s a party animal and the incident with the hookers was rather sleezy. Plus, he once forgot his passport for an important away game when we were short of strikers. Wenger was, reportedly, very angry about this.

  5. Jorge Cabrera says:

    @Howard, you dont think he forgot his passport as more of a revenge and not go to the match. This guy did great when ever he got those few chances and the following match back on the bench. If a guy like M. Balotteli gets time on the field for his shit then I dont know. He has always done well with el tri, so Wenger is just a dumb ass.

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