Has Football Become Our Religion?

Has Football Become Our Religion?How the attractive the prospect of going to the stadium can sound.The hope of your team winning,drawing and losing is held in various forms by Muslims,Christendom or other religious group and even whose don’t have  interest in the game will not derail from it.
Everybody wants to go to the stadium but have we taught about Saturday and Sunday church activities. One night, just when i was about to make my next step to another day,the above question which have been boarding me meted in my mind ,so I woke up from my luxury bed to asked myself. As a devoted Christian and a football fanatic, I penned this piece with a great burden upon my heart. I have always look for a loophole in which I may be able to dodge this issue and this injunction present me with.
Today, football is everywhere _ on TV, in movies and plastered all over advertising boards across the length and breadth of the country.And almost everyone in Africa and the world as a whole agrees that it is important to be at the stadium or be by your television sets to watch your favorite team play, but people nowadays has drawn the line between the church and watching matches on a typical church hours.
One may be quick to tell you that “Weekend football matches is one thing that carries them every Saturday and Sunday into such a state of euphoria or sink them into terrible depression if their expectations are in trepidation”.
Previously, one would relax by watching a match or two ; presently it is an addiction once you watch one or two. Simply because it has emerged that “Football Is An Addiction” which has been a popular phrase on the lips of many football fanatics. But what factor have contributed to the present-day “crisis of football is an addiction”?
But each and every time I sit down and think about what benefit I get from supporting a football team? My heart and mind will always fail to find an answer to my question. I also ask myself, what do i gain by purchasing a certain football Kit? I again fail to find an answer. But should i conclude by saying, Is Football a Religion?
Football over the years has expanded and is undoubtedly becoming more and more popular throughout the world. Is it possible that a sport could be replacing a religion? And if football no longer remains a game, and is a religion, whose religion? Mine? Yours ?
On the other hand,the game of football is widely popular all over the world.
To some countries of the world, it is often regarded as a religion, but i don’t think having a dedication and staunch supporters is enough to class football as a religion. Fans and supporters  of today, watch ,supports and maybe even worship twenty-two men running around a tiny ball on the pitch every weekend. That doesn’t seem very larger and bigger than our religion. There is undoubtedly a great deal of truth in what am saying.
Today millions of football fans worship every weekend in venues where they engage in singing and live for the team they support. They will go greater lengths to avoid missing a match or to catch the latest scores on TV, whereas others will travel far-away in groups to watch the matches live from the stadium.
However, these aspects have brought football and religion to similar level to some extent. But if you were to ask a typical religious football fan, “Name me your football team’s first eleven”?. He would be able to name them with relative ease. On the contrary, if he was to be asked for more serious religious matters such as  “How many were the disciples of Jesus Christ or their names?” The response would be a muted silence. If you were to ask him “How many siblings did Jesus Christ have ?” The answer again would be a muted silences.
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