Carragher May Ignore Coaching Role to Join Sky

Carragher May Ignore Coaching Role to Join SkyReports in the media suggest that Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher may join Sky Sports as a pundit before the start of next season. With all his experience, Liverpool fans will be hoping that Carra joins the coaching staff to assist the youngsters but he may as well ignore that for now to join Sky.
Last month, Liverpool defender announced that he will retire at the end of the season having served the club for nearly two decades. Ex- Red Steve Nicole stressed that the merseysiders will be mad if they do not add Carragher in the coaching staff when he retires.
On the other hand, manager Brendan Rodgers hinted last month that the veteran defender may like to take some break from the game but in the long run, Carragher will surely have a role to play at Liverpool Football Club. Rodgers claimed:

“He (Carragher) hasn’t totally made up his mind what he’s doing yet. It wouldn’t surprise me if he had a small amount of time away but, over time, I’m sure he’ll have a role here at the football club.”

According to Mirror, Carragher has been offered a mammoth deal by Sky Sports to sign the contract before next season starts.
There is no doubt what so ever that he will be a brilliant pundit, in fact he is one. Those who have heard him during the European Championships last summer will know that fact. With all his knowledge and experience, Sky network will have a fantastic addition alongside Gary Neville if Carra opts to join them.
However, it must be said that Carragher should only stick to being a pundit and stay as far as he can from commentary or else he may as well be even worst commentator than former United star Gary Neville. Not just because of his accent that is hardly understandable but because commentating requires more than just footballing knowledge.
Neville has been one of the best pundits around but his commentary has impressed none, although that has amused many. His famous goal gasms have made people laugh but boy does he ruin Martin Tyler’s legendary commentary when Drogba scored against Bayern in the champions league final last year.
For now, Jamie Carragher has to focus on his playing career and help Liverpool finish as high as possible in the premier league. Whether he will join Sky network or not, only time will tell.
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  1. Lakima says:

    im sure carra must have heard Neville’s goal gasms and will look to avoid making such noises 😛 but yes he will be as bad at commentating

  2. Bill says:

    I would hope that as a Liverpool player he would stay well away from Sky whose owners are the same gang of lying crooks as the S**.

  3. Best says:

    For two decades, Carragher tried but failed to master any football skills worthy of mention other than the sickening hoofing of the ball to no-man’s land. Likewise, from next season onwards, he would fail miserably to make himself understood as a pundit because he simply cannot speak and enunciate his words to save his frigging life!

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