Why Ferguson is Wrong about Zidane and Ronaldo

Why Ferguson is Wrong about Zidane and RonaldoNot so long ago, Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson claimed that his former player Cristiano Ronaldo is better than legendary Zinedine Zidane. A statement that is quite wrong and baffling to come up with as Ronaldo still has time left in the game and lacks a lot in comparison to great Zidane.
The Red Devils boss claimed:

“Florentino Perez had all the Galacticos at Real Madrid when he was president first time around,” “He had Figo, Zidane, Roberto Carlos, Raul in that spell. But I don’t think any of those players were as good as Ronaldo.
“Zidane was a fantastic player, Figo was a fantastic player. But not as good as Ronaldo.”

Here is why Ferguson is wrong about his comments comparing Zidane and Ronaldo.
Ferguson vs Zidane
Firstly let’s just look at Ferguson’s United record against Zidane’s side. The Red devils lost three out of four outings against the Old Lady when Zidane was the main maestro for Juventus. Not only that, Zidane magic also inspired Los Blancos in defeating Manchester United 3-1 in 2002/2003 Champions League campaign. Zidane always had that influential quality to drag his team through single handedly.
International Comparison
Guess it is completely unnecessary to compare Zidane’s international record with Cristiano Ronaldo because in all honesty there could be no comparison. Zidane did win the biggest prizes on offer in International football having won one World Cup and European Championship. Ronaldo has won nothing as yet.
Adding to that, Zidane almost single handedly helped France qualify for the finals of World Cup 2006 and amazingly he was able to do that at the age of 35. Can Ronaldo replicate that even in his prime, and what happens to his form when he enters 30s. We will have to wait and see.
Individual Comparisons
Ronaldo’s achievements and talent can never be denied and his gameplay as compared to Zidane is completely different because of their position still Zidane provided so many things to every team he played with. Zizou was a playmaker but he contributed in all aspects, may it be offense, defense, scoring a goal, play making, stealing the ball from opponent. Probably his temper was his biggest flaw else the Frenchman was fantastic.
Ronaldo is blazingly fast and has broken records after records for Real Madrid, still he has been marked out in big games many times but Zidane refused to let that happen. The Frenchman always had the influence.
Perhaps we can judge at the end of Ronaldo’s career to who was better but for now without a doubt Zidane is ahead of the Portuguese in majority of the aspects. One may say that the piece was somewhat biased but still based on facts, Ronaldo still has a lot to achieve to even come close to a legend like Zinedine Zidane.

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Dusko Cakovic

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  1. zizouuu says:

    you see only an idio like fergie can claim such thing. Ronaldo no way near Zidane and is a big game flop

  2. Karanka says:

    Right that we have to wait for Ronaldo to retire first but i do not see him winning the world cup with Portugal and he has only once chance left. because after that he will be in 30s for the 2018 WC and the kind of game he has, speed and stamina is very important that he will lose in time

  3. Sir H says:

    Fergie chatting some proper gobshyte.
    You don’t compare the great Zidane with anyone. He was in a league of his own.

  4. Fern says:

    People with no football knowledge just there biased comments
    I do know and will adhere to respected people who are actually qualified to form an opinion
    This author and comments offers no insight to the reality
    Yes zidane was amazing …. And did his thing
    But Ronaldo is more amazing and brings a dynamic to his game that brings
    Brings you to your feet
    So please understand author , that you are not qualified to say that
    Mr Fergenson is wrong

    • I surely do not need a degree to be qualififed enough to say Ferguson is wrong,
      Its an opinion based on facts and for you sadly majority agree with it.

    • Nailo says:

      @Fern Your comment “offers insight to reality” with just one line does it ?
      You need to see the articles posted on similar topic to know only a small bunch of cry babies Ronaldo fans think he is better than Zidane. Clearly have not seen enough of Zizou,

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