AC Milan – Why is Allegri Still at the Helm?

AC Milan – Why is Allegri Still at the Helm?AC Milan hierarchy seems to be keeping a solid hold on Count Max despite have a horrid season so far in Serie A and Champions League.  Milanisti are becoming ever-more impatient for Allegri to turn the tables around.
However, countless tactical errors, inconsistency with players, and the dubious calls by the coach are giving journalists and supporters more negative beef to throw at the Rossoneri. That has driven the fans as desperate as ant.
Yet again, Galliani has once again come out to address the media after Milan’s 1-3 loss against Fiorentina.

“As soon as the president (Berlusconi) landed, he called me and we met straight away.  We spoke for quite a while and then we called Allegri.  At the end, we gave our backing to the coach”,

Allegri AC Milan

“The president is willing to give his time to Milan and on Friday, he will come to Milanello to encourage the players one by one before we make the trip to Naples.  We are not happy of course, but we have evaluated everything and have come to the conclusion that changing the coach will not guarantee anything.”

In football, if a manager is not living up to the expectations of the board, staff, players, fans, it is time to go.  It’s simply how the business of the game works.
How many times has Count Max switched up the tactics and formations, misusing players and not galvanizing them to full potential?  The numbers never lie and poor standings should slap any manager with a reality check.
So why is Galliani Still resorting to an already failed system at Milan by keeping Allegri?
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  1. Avatar Mononi says:

    Matter of common sense but isnt as simple as just a short note wriitten by you. He won the league after 7 years of crap for us
    a full article with explanation could have done justice

  2. Avatar Haladz says:

    Lol at the moaning Milan fans. Gallaiani was a legend before now because of his master strokes in transfer market. what a wonderful LAST masterstroke. The once “Might Rossoneri” are a joke now

  3. Avatar Aladdin says:

    That’s ALL he has won. The club is going into decline with this coach and Milan are losing their grasp to qualify for CL. Just believe its time to move on.

  4. Avatar emmaNUEL OLUKUNLE says:

    galliani knw wat 2 do.

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