Cashback Terms and Conditions

In order to take advantage of BettingID (we, our) cashback promotion, the player (you) have to register via our links in at least one of the bookies included in the promotion and verify your registration with us.

Everyone with verified registration joins a virtual group and the cashback amount depends on the performance of the group as a whole against each bookie included in the promotion. If the group has a positive balance against a specific bookie there will be no cashback for the particular month from that bookie and the negative balance will be carried over for the next month. In case the group has positive balance against a bookie for particular month (and the negative balance from previous months if any) every verified player, who has betted and lost more than €10 in that particular month, qualifies for cashback.

Account verification

In order to join the promotion the player has to:

  1. Register via one of our links;
  2. Fill up the ‘Verify Registration Form’ no later than 30 days after the bookie registration;
  3. Answer additional questions and provide some additional info if needed.

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In order to receive cashback, the group must have negative balance(total balance including previous months) against specific bookie and players must:

  1. Be part of our Cashback Programme;
  2. Have a negative balance of at least €10 in that particular month against specific bookie;
  3. Have a penalty-free account with the bookie.

In order to receive cashback players must NOT:

  1. Break our terms and conditions;
  2. Break bookie’s terms and conditions;
  3. Have any penalty from the bookie;
  4. Have proven gambling addiction;
  5. Take part an any arbitrage betting or betting schemes, which are disallowed by the bookies.


Let’s presume that a group of 3 players (A, B and C) is against bookie X. If both player A and player B lose €100 each and player C wins €250, the total amount of the group will be 2 x (-100) + 1 x (+250) or +50. This means the group gains a €50 profit and therefore, there will be no cashback. However, if A and B win €100 each and player C loses €250, then the group balance will be 2 x (+100) + 1 x (-250) or -50. This way, player C will receive cashback.

Account termination

  1. Any break of our terms and conditions may cause immediate Cashback Programme account termination for every bookie;
  2. Any break of any of the bookies terms and condition may cause immediate Cashback Programme account termination for every bookie.


  1. Maximum payment per bookie is €500 per month;
  2. Cashbacks are sent between 1 and 10th each month when cashback is available;
  3. Cashbacks are sent as a bundle to each player with a detailed note of each bookie cashback amount.


BettingID uses cookies to enhance user experience as well as to track players registrations via our links in order to make Cashback Programme account verification process faster, smoother and more accurate.


BettingID reserves the right to update these Terms and Conditions at any time.

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