Not Griezmann – Wenger Ready to Agree $87million Star Signing for Arsenal

James Rodriguez David LuizArsenal must improve the overall quality of their squad to challenge for the title next season. However, so far, manager Arsene Wenger has failed to secure the key transfer targets.
As far as the attack is concerned, the North Londoners need a playmaker and a center forward before the summer transfer window closes.
According to reports doing rounds in the media (Express via La Gazzetta Dello Sport via Telegraph), Arsene Wenger is looking to seal the signing of Real Madrid superstar James Rodriguez.
The Colombian international is a versatile attacker who will largely amplify the quality of Arsenal’s already brilliant attack. The idea of James, Ozil and Alexis lining up in the attacking midfield is too mouth-watering for the supporters.
Last season, the South American star featured in 26 league games for the Los Blancos, scored 7 goals and also provided 8 assists.
He only started 17 La Liga games last season. Moreover, Zidane preferred Marco Asensio ahead of James in his starting XI against Sevilla last night. In such a scenario, a move away from the Bernabeu should be fruitful for the former Porto attacker.
Arsenal will likely have to break their club transfer record to sign the 25-year-old star who is rated (Daily Mail via Marca) around 67 million pounds ($87million).
James Rodriguez Colombia

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  1. I just do not believe this will happen. My trust for Wenger when it comes to things like this is 00.05%.
    Finger crossed!

  2. Anyone who beleves this is waiting for a dead man’s shoes

  3. Avatar David Fox says:

    Ozil, Cazorla, Ramsey, Wilshere, Iwobi.. Just 5 players we already have who play his position, and in the PL, play it better. This guy was one in a long line of ‘World Cup Sensations'(so based on 5 games) who not surprisingly, failed to live up to the hype after a massive transfer fee.

    • Avatar paul le'dain says:

      Yes he’s an attacking midfielder who can play so well, not that l believe he’s worth £72 m, just look
      who else we could get for that sort of money!!!!

  4. Avatar Paul barker says:

    Paul Barker
    Same old Arsenal!! Winger needs to go. He has principles…..
    Principles don’t win premier titles… principles don’t win champions league titles…. be prepared to win sweet FA boys!!!
    I’m a very fed up fan

  5. Avatar Chukwuemeka says:

    Arsene Wenger’s time at arsenal has expired. We need someone with fresh challenge to coach arsenal.

  6. Avatar Ben says:

    Wenger is just not. Serious coach. Check out guardiola’s signings, mourinho’s signings even westham is now scary in the premier League. We have to tell our selves the truth we ain’t up to the task to beat these ppl with the pack of experience dey have in important areas. Wenger is just a joke!. Well if he dosent sign any striker or defender to strengthen the squard brothers I think am fed up

  7. Avatar Carl says:

    Yeah right, wishful thinking!

  8. Avatar Peter Benovsky says:

    I also lose my hope and I am very tired from previous false hopes. Wenger is the reason Arsenal to become a team with average value. It is therefore unlikely to take a serious players. Wenger managed to break Walcott who two years ago was a serious player, failed to develop Gabrielle, holds Nacho, not able to do by Belerin player as Dani Alves. Belerin starts as if in an attack on the right flank but suddenly stopped and returned the ball back, he is not sure as a defender, Gabriel is sluggish, Nacho is average. We only have a few quality players – Koschielni, Cazorla, Sanchez and Ozil. Ramsey is frivolous, Ivobi and Campbell are uncertain. Young colored players none class. Only Elneny and Xhaka. Wenger may buy only young player or player after 29 years. Someone who starts his career at Arsenal or close it. No player in power wants Arsenal and Wenger does not character and correct policy. I expect the new coach to change mentality if endured long to get excited for the team.

  9. Avatar Francis Jayadurai says:

    I don’t think Arsene will buy any top quality players. He is waiting for basement bargains. He is not really interested in winning the trophies. He is happy if the team finishes fourth or third . If he was serious enough he would by now secured the top players and be ready for the title challenge. His time is over, he needs to go.

  10. Avatar Ben Shaw says:

    Guys, I swear if we should allow this stupid man to carry on like this as if his family owns Arsenal, then all arsenal fans are deluded as the man himself.
    This man Wenger is a Joke, no class , no ambitious, no hope, Manchester United are not in champions league, look at what they did. For you to know that Wenger is classless, another man will not allow José to win the league again, in fact, I hate this man. He wouldn’t mind his own business, but to be poke nose on other’s club affairs. Go out and sign players or f—-k off, I just don’t like seeing his face anymore. He is liar, an ass hole, deluded, arrogant brat.

  11. Avatar Paulos Michael says:

    Well done Ben. I use to worship his style of management. But now time has changed so fast for wenger. I think delusion is just an understatement. Wenger has passed his sell by date. I do watch Arsenal playing but when the camera pan out towards wenger I look away from the Tv that is how much i am fed up with him. So wenger if you are sensible just disappear from my beloved Arsenal.

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