Man United Close in on Luring Star Midfielder with $42m Move

Kevin StrootmanManchester United are desperate to complete new signings as soon as possible to avoid competition from top clubs.
Luke Shaw of Southampton is one player hugely linked to fill the void at left back position to improve the squad.
Whether or not England international will join the Red Devils, we will have to wait and see but Untied surely want him before the World Cup.
On the other hand, the expected new manager Louis van Gaal has demanded the transfer of his compatriot Dutch and Roma star Kevin Strootman to reinforce midfield as well.
According to reports, Man United are closing in star midfielder as they have launched a $42m move for Strootman.
The Netherlands star was brilliant for the Serie A side but got injured in March that ruined his season and also ruled him out of the World Cup.
Still, Van Gaal is aware of his qualities and perhaps believes that the Dutch connection will help in luring him to Manchester United.
As per the provided link, Roma have actually demanded a fee of around $50 million for their star midfielder only then they will allow him to leave for Manchester United.
The English giants do have funds, that much everyone is aware of and they are desperate to sign stars without being in Champions League. United must pay the asking price and lure the talented star.
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  1. Avatar Chris o says:

    If manu is willing to 33m pounds for Luke shaw that is still a teenager, what stops them from paying the required amount to get KELVIN STROTMAN?. They should stop been sentimental and the right thing…..

  2. Avatar alan bell says:

    could have had strootman two years ago for half the money. as usual we just ‘tracked’ him.

  3. Avatar Echeya M C says:


  4. Avatar @gwens1356 says:

    Just hope we ur still tracking him, moyes the assh**e failed to buy this guy 4 cheap, running after Fabregas despite repeated assertions that he was not interested. Well, thats it guys lets track him. Just like we did with William Cavalho, tony kroos, Lewandoski n Garay. Not to mention sneider. U can waste more money on air tickets tracking players we don’t need so that our fans will think we ur doing something. Tell the journos to spread as much gossip as possible, buy 1 an then get linked with everyone. I think its very difficult to tell the world that the Glazers are still syphoning cash from our lovely club. We will make them very unpopular with the fans, which is not good. Fools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Something am afraid of is signing aplayer who is on injury whose efficiency might be lowered down and at the end we regret why u misused that amount than buying aplayer who is active. We’ve seen Many players who have been affected by injuries and this affected their performance.

  6. Avatar Proof Loriroof says:

    That’s quite much considering will still have major moves to complete.Cavani,Kroos,Shaw,Rakiti,Strootman,Indi,Robben…all from that 200k?Let’s be specific and definite

  7. Avatar manufan says:

    Buy shaw that it buy it soon before world cup start

  8. Avatar Farouk says:

    Every transfer window, manutd is linked with almost all good players but we end up no buying…! What could be the cause of all this? Poor scouts? Inefficiency from the ED? Is it just propaganda from the Glazer’s who would be paying poor journalists to keep us waiting for some good players? Dear manu brothers, if nothing serious is done out of this window, lets come for next season with a different approach.

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