So is Van Persie Releasing a Statement against Man United?

Ex-Gunner Robing Van PersieArsenal supporters were heart broken when last year Robin van Persie announced that he will not renew his contract. However, to worsen their pain, he joined Manchester United.
The Dutch international published a long statement on his website claiming how he disagrees with the way Arsenal are planning to move forward and their ambitions.

“I personally have had a great season but my goal has been to win trophies with the team and to bring the club back to its glory days.

“Out of my huge respect for Mr. Wenger, the players and the fans I don’t want to go into any details, but unfortunately in this meeting it has again become clear to me that we in many aspects disagree on the way Arsenal FC should move forward.”

Now seeing his side 12 points behind the former team must be a comforting sight for the ex Arsenal captain right. Surely, it will be for the gunner supporters.
He stated that no matter what, he will always love Arsenal and the fans but his actions after the latest goal against gunners tell another story.
Reaching the twilight years of his career, Robin van Persie needs to play at the top level but now United lie 9th in the table with low ambitions of somehow reaching top 4 and an average manager.
So is Van Persie releasing a statement against Man United like he did when he was at Arsenal?
He really should because if he treated gunners like that after 8 long years of support then with United it has been just one year. Plus it was all about ambitions for him right, then he must question Manchester United’s ambitions.
Come on RvP, show your true-self.
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  1. David says:

    Arsenal fans don’t get ahead of yourselves. You had a rediculously easy start to the season . Any top teams you have played you have struggled. Let us see what happens at the end of the season. Check your fixture list for the end of the season especially March/April. You will drop points without doubt. United will come bak next season once we get top four. the entire midfield needs t be reconstructed, Fergie as great as he was left the midfield in absolute shite and Moyes will fix that area. He tried to strengthen but the vice-chairman is in an area he shouldn’t be in because he is obviously completely inexperienced so hopefully lessons were leaned from last summer

    • Arsenal says:

      Need we remind you that Fergie won the title with virtually the same team last year.
      Arsenal have played and defeated Napoli, Marseille(twice), Borussia Dortmund, Liverpool and several other teams that United meekly surrendered to.

    • ones says:

      the league is won by beating the so called lesser teams

    • umair says:

      Why next year? Why not this year? This implies that you have given up the hope of winning the title. Isnt it? This is what happens when teams play on a level field and not have support from referees on
      the pitch.
      Sore United fans.

  2. Olu Samuel Godwin says:

    Time and chance happen to them all. He is at the other side of the ladder. How time flies. He saw well then, but the contrary is the case. To God be the glory. Amen.

  3. Mike says:

    Well first let see if you finish fourth
    David Moyes did good with an average team and always kept then mid table, so if you say right now man utd is average then you b mid table. On the other had Martinez took average Everton and his keeping them contention for top 4. So in a essence speak volume to his management. But in regards base on history as you claim Arsenal first half always poor and we much stronger in the second half. So the question is do you worry now and keep saying lets see, or do you base your statement on history? After all with the same team you got Ferguson won the title… So you wonder

  4. Charles says:

    “it has again become clear to me that we in many aspects disagree on the way Arsenal FC should move forward.” WOW! Still can’t believe this guy thought he was in a position to hold the club hostage and make demands.He performed well that season,yes but that doesn’t warrant him to tell the club what he expects.Good riddance to him and may he pick up as many injuries as possible.

  5. sadeek says:

    RVP what happened to the little boy in u, I’m sure that little boy deceive u. What is the little boy telling u now? Let me guess, “I’m back to Arsenal. Hahah… Funny how time flies, RVP should have stay and make big reputation with Arsenal his boyhood club than become wasted in Man u. Things are falling apart, though its too early to jumping into conclusions in football anyting can happen.

  6. Matt says:

    David give it a rest lol… you lot have had your fair share of ‘easy’ games too the fact is you just messed them up and we didnt.. Now your coming out with the excuse that Fergie left Moyes with a shit midfield LMAO!! The same team and midfield that won you the league last season?? So dont worry about arsenals position use your nonsense statements and energy focusing on getting out of 9th chap!

  7. Danno says:

    Wheres Europe gone πŸ˜‰ HAHAHAHAHAHA scum club,back to where use belong !!! All INBREDS from Manurechester should be obliterated from this EARTH !!!

  8. geons says:

    yea…Dortmund,liverpool,spurs,napoli were not a good side..oops i forgot Cardiff (united drawn) , wba(united lost).I m not saying we are surely gonna win, but we are genuine contenders. We pick points where united didnt..and tats the different this year.

  9. stehen dwyer says:

    When you say top teams David – do you mean top teams like Liverpool (2-0) Tottenham (1-0) Napoli ((2-0) and Dortmond (1-0) ManUre only just won with a fluky goal – we were all over you for the entire game – you played in a very unconvincing fashion – we are top of the league and top of our Champions league group – most Arsenal Fans are not looking at a Prem win (though we all hope it would be possible) We are looking for improvement on last season – and it certainly looks like we have – now compare us with your rag tag bunch of players – take away rooney and RVP and its RIP mate

  10. meaner says:

    Even if that fegie was around, he won matches by bullying or making allies with the refs. We should discount fiegie’s trophies by 50% based on the fact he won games unfairly.
    Moyes on the other hand does not have such luxury.
    Anyway MU will be just like liverpool, noisy but harmless in the next decade.

  11. Rafi says:

    V Persie problem may be education. He failed to realise that as a player he was simply an employee of the club. Hence by demanding a direction for the club he was acting ‘ultra vires’. Like Adebayor, he could try to be a nuisance again at united the way things are going. there have already been rumours of disagreements of training methods with moyes. Luckily for that club the boy is in his twilight years football he does not possess the clout he had at arsenal. it could be too risky for him to to change clubs now. moyes would be foolish to allow him his way in deciding the direction of the club. in any case thats unlikely given the well established system at united.

  12. Dan.okore says:

    When ramsey scored against his former club,did he celebrate?van persie showed high level of immaturity by behaving the way he did,we also supported him when his carrier almost got ruined with injuries,but see how he repays us,he is totally a disgrace,you remember what Adebayor did when still at mancity,where is he now,van persie may be heading that direction

  13. Thai gunner says:

    What is a wasting time to talk about him. All I can say” he is who.”

  14. zakariyau jelyll says:

    RVP u’ve to take it easy its normal world dosen’t stable had it been u exercise patient u wouldn’t have been in d position of thinking u are now. They push u nd u push urself nd its a great mistake of u life, nd if somebody tells u last year when u want to leave dat RVP don’t leave Arsenal dat next season will be bright for u will take dat person as ur No 1 enemy see wat is happening now nd l know by God grace Arsenal is winning d league in dis dispensation nd more laurels
    Rvp, let me ask u a question lf Man U dosen’ t make it top four? in which l don’t pray for wat will be ur plan in Man U ? Are u leaving Man U again?dat is to say u don’t have patient to ripe ur labour u sowed at Arsenal

  15. Rvp is a cunt says:

    Well said, robin. Thanks for leaving us, and now u hv more ambition with your team, aiming for top four every season. Ahahhaahahhahahaah f o robin, traitor

  16. Idealist says:

    It’s a high time to see life after Fergie…guess what, end of era for Manu. Easy fixtures for Arsenal? Well we simply can’t force or blame others for not believing Arsenal are the real tiltle contenders..virtually they are just in the state of denial, can’t be helped though…to certain people, they just can’t accept where they are now but instead giving excuses for an easy games unlike theirs..well, I guess he might be one of those “blackout fans” who came and watch as and when the latter is free- otherwise he wouldn’t have sound so blurred and stupid not knowing Manu has lost to those mid table teams in which Arsenal have won I.e. spuds, Cardiff and WBA. Or probably what he”s trying to tell us that those teams are real title contenders- if so, I should have not doubt his abilities coz he’s judging based on 9th place and downward-no wonder!!! Go and have a sanity check my friend and wake up!!!

  17. Neeraj RedDevil says:

    Does Manchester United’s Current form makes them Secondary to any Team in England? Does Manchester United’s Standing this Season Proves that they aren’t the Best Club in Great Britain? Manchester United’s form this Season has Shaken the Globe. Whole World is talking about Manchester United, because we are the best. Arsenal, Chelsea Man city and Spurs, all are above United this Season. Tell me honestly, does this makes them better than United? This Simply shows that how big this club is. It Just Shows the Expectations of the People all around the world for the most decorated club in the history of Football. Even the mocking of Rival fans shows their Expectations towards Manchester United. Calm your tits down Bitches, we’ll be back on the track.
    Love us or Hate us, but you can never Ignore us!

    • Robbo says:

      I don’t know where you’re from but I can tell you Manure are not the pride of the UK.
      They are the most hated team in the country.
      Their cheating and bulling ways (led by Ferguson) leave them unloved by anyone except the most brainless, gormless, loud-mouthed, pack of fair weather cretins known as Manu fans.
      What they’ve done over the years isn’t much better than City or Chelsea, they bought the league many years over, or bullied it.
      I will laugh ’till I cry to see that swarm flounder to 10th place.
      Ferguson is gone, Manure are sinking:)

    • umair says:

      Come out of your fantasy world. The world is talking about United and how shit it it. The world is talking about the better neighbors of United called City. They have whipped your team. The antics of United to win favors form refs is gone with Fergusson.
      Yes this season Chelsea, City, Liverpool, Everton, Spurs and Arsenal are playing to their potential. So is United. And the whole world can see what level United has. Most of the United fans don’t even know the club;s history. They follow it because they are glory hunters and not fans.
      Come out of your arrogant state of mind and this is why we all hate United and its fans. They are all arrogant.

  18. Segonice says:

    Hmmm,is very intresting hearing all what manure fans are saying just keep going back in the league and when its may u will definitly lift the trouphy again u bounch manure.
    As for rvp,the child in him will surely tell him another club’s when manure fail to make top ten comes may.up manureeeeeee

  19. Gunnerjay says:

    @Neeraj RedDevil – You’ll be back – in the Europa… steer clear of crystal meth, mate. That way you’ll rant less.

  20. matty says:

    Hahahahahahahah i just love these arsenal muppets!!! 12months later, RVP= 1title, Arsenal= 0 for t’he past 8years. And they still manage to delude themselves that they are somehow t’he happier ones. Lol. Go ahead tell yourselves how nasri misses you lot too hahahahahaha.

  21. matty says:

    T’he little boy got a trophy atleast 12months before arsenal can come near any one, that vindication enough yo.

    • Pedro says:

      Who do the goners think they are not even christmas yet and they think they have won the title no wonder your top players want to leave yous titles are won over a season just look at the famous Man U how many now? Just look at the first 3 letters of your teams name that tells you the story

  22. wonderex says:

    anyway u look at it,Arsenal is a great club but man utd is a better club

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