Rodgers at Fault – Liverpool Player Ratings vs Hull City

Rodgers at Fault - Liverpool Player Ratings vs Hull CityArsenal are now 7 points clear of the Reds as Liverpool suffered their 3rd premier league defeat of the season and that too at the hands of Hull City who were struggling lately and had never beaten Reds before.
Perhaps, manager Brendan Rodgers took Hull light as it was shown by his team selection.
Yes, Hull had lost 4 of their last 5 games, they had the worst record in the league coming into the fixture having gained only 4 points from their last 6. However, Reds started off with no real urgency to break Hull’s defense and were unable to click together in the final third.
Suarez who has been fantastic since his return badly missed Sturridge and Coutinho who normally combine with him with ease or for that matter even Henderson. Instead, Rodgers kept a strong bench while Sterling and Moses were given rare starts and they did not impress.
Rodgers also dropped vice captain Daniel Agger and brought back Toure. Adding to that, the boss has adapted back the 4-3-3 formation after just one win against Fulham at Anfield instead of the more successful and balanced 4-2-3-1 and 3-4-1-2 formations. Result, they have conceded 6 in the last two, ripped apart at the back easily.
The defeat comes as a major set back for the Reds who are now 7 points behind leaders Arsenal but more importantly all other rivals are closing in to trouble their main objective i.e Champions League qualification.
Not to forget, Liverpool have to face the likes of Spurs, Chelsea and City away from home this month. Here are Liverpool player ratings vs Hull.

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  1. Danno says:

    Worst GUTLESS performance I’ve EVER saw out of a Liverpool team !!! Get rid of Moses Sterling Allen Lucas Aspas Alberto SHAMBOLIC ALL !!!

  2. Chips says:

    I honestly don’t understand Rogers!!!!! Today he has just shown me that his team is not at all a top 4 team or he himself is not a top 4 manager. Couldn’t see that Hull were exploiting our left back where they intentionally stationed their tall striker the whole second half to harass young Flano? Under the circumstances Flano tried but lacked support from his manager. Couldn’t he see that Central Defence was struggling with Tore and Skirtel? How on earth does he play a team like Hull which relies on long high balls and put Sakho and Agger on the bench? He brought on Alberto instead of trying Aspas because at that point he needed goals, the midfield had been sorted by putting in Coutinho. He should have pulled out Moses at half time at the latest!!!! This is going to cost us because we have a manager who is very immature at this level. Wake up Rogers or leave!!

    • LewesTiger says:

      Which Hull were you watching? Long ball is not Hull’s style, hence MOTD picking out the passing of the ball in the middle of the park by Huddleston. Hull break fast up the wings, crossing often, and pass around the middle of the park.

  3. Jonasz says:

    I thnk rodgers was blind to see that moses was nt helping suarez up front which made suarez dull in the game. moses should nt start again. we missed sturridge. top four?, hmmmmmmmmmmm!

  4. Gav Del says:

    Br is a victim of his own stupidity. He’s need to hold the ball in his own half and pass the ball around is time wasting, negative and it allows lower teams to build courage and confidence. All of Arsenal, City, ManU, Chelsea, Spurs and even Everton and Southampton play attacking fast paced football. They dont give teams a chance to settle. They search for goals even when the game is safe. LIVERPOOL dilly dally on the ball, lose possession and the centre halves thus put themselves under pressure. The Reds even slow down the game and lack urgency whe they in the lead. Goal difference will still come back to haunt them. Br must change his stupid philoshy to one of high tempo urgent ball retention offensive football. He has the squad but he lacks what the other big name managers have.

  5. FuriousRed says:

    Nw do this; Sterling should go on loan, sell lucas or don’t play him & Gerard together again (both are too slow to cover 4 each other). Buy striker, a leftback a Montoya!, and one great midfielder with all of them being regular first team Quality… If you do this MR BR, your tactical blunders will be made up for by the Quality of your players. Don’t address this and you will kiss your only quality player goodbye even be4 the season wears out-just be4 FSG KICK YOUR ASS!

  6. dukeofarsenal Malaysia says:

    should have sold Toure instead…: )

  7. David says:

    Brendan Rodgers ????????????????
    What are LFC fans to make of you????????
    How many more mistakes are you going to make????????
    Henderson,Lucas,Allen,Aspas,Alberto,are all not good enough,& throw in Moses.
    So sad,Suarez would of stayed but he will go,who can blame him.
    Thanks Mr Rodgers job well done.

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