Manchester United Legend Slams David Moyes and Rightly So

Man United David MoyesManchester United suffered yet another league defeat and losing against his former club Everton that too at Old Trafford should still be hurting David Moyes.
Having gone 12 points behind Arsenal, the Red Devils supporters can stop thinking about retaining the title as it seems unrealistic.
United’s main priority now should be reaching the top 4 to maintain their spot in the Champions League or else things may as well turn worst for them in the coming years.
Expected that they are going to be patient with Moyes even if he fails to deliver CL football in the first season, he might stay but heavy criticism has already started as well.
Manchester United legend and current center back Rio Ferdinand slammed manager David Moyes for very very late team selection.
The English star has not featured in the last two games for United but hates the fact that the players only get to know about their starting place until very late. Ferdinand claimed:

“This manager is a bit different in that he doesn’t name the team beforehand, you don’t get to know the team.
“The old manager used to give you a little bit of an idea if you were playing. 
“When you know you’re playing the intensity goes up a little bit I’d say.
“That’s what you’ve got to try and do even if you’re not sure if you’re playing, get to that intensity.”

He also claimed that keeping it guessing also make players angry. The legendary defender is right to criticize Moyes.
One wonders, what does he exactly try to achieve by naming the teamsheet very very late to the players.
Surely the stars cannot concentrate on the task ahead when they are actually thinking about the chances of them starting or not.
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  1. Glenn says:

    you’ll be sacked in the morning!!!

  2. John jude says:

    Dnt really know why they bring this coach of sixth and seven position for man u

  3. Deano says:

    Glory Glory David Moyes 😉 Transition is a BITCH !!!

  4. Dave says:

    It’s funny how all the other fans mock…. When there Shyte clubs won’t ever win half the stuff utd have….. I can take a couple of average seasons it wil give our trophy cabinet doors a rest constantly bein open every season can’t b gd 4 em….

  5. i dnt blame u fuckin moyes alex is a big mixtake

  6. kehinde james says:

    We fans of man-u were in. Trouble now. What a nonsense seasion? Although I blame sir Alex

  7. Kayembe Kayembe says:

    He should be sacked this guy he keeps breaking the fans spirits, look how fans trooped out of OT before final whistle

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