Arsenal star is still Not Good Enough

Giroud Arsenal 12Arsenal guaranteed that they will finish the year on top of the Barclays premier league with a 1-0 win over Magpies.
Giroud scored the only goal of the game to give Arsenal all three points and that goal was French star’s first one in the league after 5 games.
Not to forget, Arsenal finished year 2007 on top of the league as well but only finished third that season.
If Arsene Wenger does not want another trophy-less year, he must realize that Giroud is not good enough to win them the title.
There is no doubt that gunners still miss a prolific goal scorer like Robin van Persie. The Dutchman played a pivotal role in helping United win the title last season.
A striker like that now is what Arsenal exactly need to win the premier league crown after 10 long years.
Giroud is a brilliant player when it comes to build up play and keeping the flow going but his finishing is average at best.
Compared to the likes of Suarez, Aguero and Van Persie, the former Montpellier star comes no way near.
Gunners have been linked with numerous strikers and they must sign one world class finisher at the earliest in January. That is the only department they lack quality and depth.
Other than that, they have a team capable of winning the title without a shadow of a doubt.
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  1. Lait says:

    On the button ! I hope Mr Wenger doesn’t miss the opportunity to sign a good striker ! The secret of success in life is a good foresight even if when you are doing just ok !The foresight to know that the not so bad Giroud is not enough to win us the title !

  2. jeoff says:

    it is true he need to buy players and add depth. each year since 2005 he became too much complacent and rbo by the players who are coming back from injuries and cards and he is still waiting for diaby then forget about any cup because all players in sick bay are known and other team can plan around them

  3. Abraham royal says:

    We need a new striker

  4. anthony says:

    Rubbish article. Leave matters the manager. Wenger knows best what he needs. You probably did not expect arsenal to be i n the position that they are now, so stop trying to pretend you know better.

  5. victor says:

    We all know wenger won’t spend a dime come this january..for me am not expecting any new signing so I won’t get disappointed if he doesn’t buy..besides no good striker would like to move in a world cup year so the best we can expect is a loan..I wish he buys doh

  6. jessie says:

    I totaly agree with this article. We do need a world class striker to give giroud competition. City and the blues are just 1 and 2 point behind us. Lets not pretend to see the threat these two poses. If we are to carry the title then we need another clinical finisher.

  7. totomasinga says:

    A win @ St. James’ park is an excellent result these days but that performance would not have beaten Man city, Chelsea, Liverpool or Everton. To win the league we need better than giroud. We need a striker who runs on to through balls and finishes. Someone with a decent enough brain to read the passes thats gonna come in from Ozil, Ramsey, Cazorla, Wilshire, Walcott, Rosicky. The truth is that Giroud is most definately not that man.

  8. Macky says:

    We need a striker badly…we may not get a top drawer striker mid season,but we definitely need another decent striker that can find the net easier than Giroud…our strikin’ problem was caused by Wenger,he had the opportunity to sign quality strikers like mario Gomez & Higuain,rather he wasted the entire summer waitin’ for suarez,which he should have got when liverpool where willing to sell at about £50 to £55m,but he waited for non existence release clause.

  9. Felix says:

    Indeed we do need another great finisher, if wenger fail to do that then we should expect finishing in third position, bcos now we are starting the second face of the season, and that is where the strenght of teams will be reveal, so then it will be too late to add to the team so its now or failure.

  10. WISEMAN says:

    For Arsenal to win the league, the Prof must sign an intelligent and efficient striker to compliment the strength and hold-up play of Giroud. See what little but intelligent Oscar is doing for Chelsea.
    Again we need a big, strong and articulate center back for additional coverage as very tough games are expected as from January
    Gunners 4eva

  11. RAS says:

    a striker is needed very very badly.( a word to a wise is enough)Mr.wenger.

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