Chelsea Player Ratings vs Saints – Ba Changed the Game

Jose Mourinho ChelseaChelsea bounced back from their Champions league defeat against Basel to beat Southampton at Stamford Bridge.
The blues are still 4 points behind Arsenal in the league and that gap could have amplified if the level of their performance had not improved in the second half.
Jose Mourinho’s men did not start with all concentration and a silly back pass from Essien cost them, Saints took advantage to take the lead in the opening minute.
Chelsea tried hard to draw level but Southampton were solid at the back. At half time, Mourinho changed the setup to 4-4-2. Brought Ba who completely changed the game.
The former Newcastle man combined well with Torres and attacking midfielders upfront to torment visitor’s defense.
His strength and movement were too hot to handle that helped in creating openings for Chelsea. In the end, Ba thoroughly deserved his goal to seal all points for Blues.
Here are Chelsea player ratings vs Saints.

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  1. Avatar osisanya says:

    Mr Mourinho that’s what I can call u because you are not special any more, you open your eyes and see what MATA did and you see how he control the mildfield as well which we are such a chances since we started this season when u said Oscar is ur no 10, if you are talking of 10 the player must ready to let pass flow all over the attacking role, so ever in your life bench our best player any more if you want to be successful in Chelsea and if you know its not good for you sell him to MAN U or Arsenal and see it will finish you Mr Morinho….. Think of your sense and put MATA to 1st 11

  2. Avatar japhet mukala says:

    That was a serious justfication that, Mata does not belongs to the bench, he is too brilliant, intelligent, vision just call it, he made at the mid, Another blunder which i witmnessed was to bring in Lmaprd while the team is 1 nil down, Lampard were not supposed to play, instead, Mikel could have came in.

  3. Avatar provy says:

    yes we did! but IVANOVIC is more better than others so he don’t deserve 7 at least 9.5 JUAN prove his capacity BLUES 4EVER

  4. Avatar Adeyemi says:

    Until this mail gets to Mr Jose Mourinho, maybe am the only one that doesn’t understand the game of football or his game plan. I wish Jose can tell me the reason why Juan Mata sits on the beanch all this while. I tell u, if not for Oscar’s injury, he would have brought Mata out of the game in second half. Can u imagige the number of chances Mata creaed instead of Oscar eyes for goals only. Honestly, am not against Oscar because I like his vision but his guys can compliment each other and Mata must retain our number 10 Jersey and position. Tell Mr Jose Mourinho o sitt down, watch and analyse the match again and again and again.

  5. Don’t critisize oscar he’s a good but mourinho must now know how important mata on the field.he controlled the midfield and created many mr jose mata is not suppose to often bench.

  6. Avatar Olasam tunde says:

    Mata is the only missing Rib of Cfc mr Mou stoping doing the wrong selection wt mata league is yours up Blue.

  7. Avatar collanso says:

    Chelsea played well second half but first no Essian lost his form. Mourinho should consider him leaving instead of mata and luiz. Luiz should take that position and mata should take his number 10 position, Oscar is a winger.

  8. Avatar Bill says:

    I think ever game has his plan Mata is a good player but Oscar proves to be better in terms of going back. They can really play together and make a solid team then the guys can come in after the first half. Oscar be will better as a #8 Mata 10. Why play Eto with Ba in the form of his life he changed the game yesterday putting pressure in the saint defence and was rewarded with a goal. Lampard should sit on the banch Jose should stop using chelsea game to find lampard England place at the world cup.

  9. I like it when the truth is told. Mata matas in the games that matters. Even the blind saw it, the deaf heard it en the dumb can now speak it. Oscar cannot match Mr Mata in that no. 10 role. Mata split every oponents’ particles to the finest, he makes every hard thing simplest. Instead of selling Mata, let Mourhino leave in peace. He’s been challenged by Mata en i hop Luiz will challenge him too. Mourino wants to learn things the hard way. He is ignorant en takes Chelsea for granted. Play Mata, win the games, play ua Lampard lose en go.

  10. Avatar Lucciano says:

    Mou, did you watch the game? Mata is the best chelsea player no doubt.he control the game and free flow of football……. Mou open ur eyes and see dat mata dos not blong 2 d bench..

  11. Avatar Zigla says:

    moriho knows better than all of you so keep ur truth to urselfs.moriho is trying to comand decipline in his team pls lets leave moriho alone

  12. Avatar fred says:

    From what I saw from the game, Mata has really improved a lot as a player. Trust mou, he knows wat he is doing

  13. Mata, who iz Mata? Mou, watch ur tactics, i told u Mou, dat; by dec, last c,son Mata had 10 premier league goalz, n cn’t count assist. Am nt here 2 criticise Oscar bt 4 sure i even prefer Willian 2 Oscar, in dat role, i knw many wont agree with me bt watch dat guy, he fallz back nicely, he can nt leave oponet dat easily vry fast n vry determined in going 4ward, it’s jst a matter of time n chance, willian is marvelous so Mou, upto date u havent gotten your best X1 so watch ur tactics, bluez 4ever.

  14. Avatar sarvan says:

    i have to be honest ! if morinho continued to keep torres full time, if he didn’t introduce ba. the game could have been draw like westbrom.. we could find a equalizer only. ba has changed the game. he fought with all the defender,he deserve every game. i don’t bother about torres it is starting or not . ba should be the in form striker. even mata was not effect without ba. he was try his best 1st half but he didn’t get enough support from the striker. morinho may be rejoined with chelsea with different contract then earlier one. but he is not special one. if chelsea have a hungry goals. they could be easy winner with big margin. becoz title contender are many now.

  15. Avatar amos moses says:

    Mata is one player who matters in a win game situation,truely speaking The Fantastic 3(mata,oscar,hazard)should always play to deliver goals.

  16. Avatar Sandeep says:

    Mata was really brilliant. But this does not mean he is good in each and every game. There were games in which he was very ineffective. That being said I fell the same way about oscar too. So it would be good if Mourihno used all his creative players and strikers including De Bruyne, Ba, Schurle accordingly.

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