Just like Ozil, Oscar is Benefiting from Mourinho’s Management

Oscar Brazil OlympicsArsenal splashed their record sum to lure Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid. Wenger is renowned for making young stars but Ozil was surely made by Moruinho.
Back when he was 18 years old playing for Schalke, Mourinho watched him play against Grant’s Chelsea side and was immensely impressed. When he knew the youngster is available in 2010, Mou wasted no time in signing Ozil for Real Madrid.
It was a massive decision because players like Iniesta and Xavi played for Barcelona but Mourinho had faith that Ozil is going to shine.
Jose’s faith was the reason why Ozil ended up signing for Real Madrid despite offers from Bayern and other top clubs. His performances for Los Blancos are no mystery, a lot of credit for that also goes to Mourinho.
Returning to Chelsea, Moruinho had more than a few top quality-attacking midfielders at disposal. Hazard, Mata, Oscar and he added two more new names Willian and Schurrle.
Of all the big names, Mourinho’s most important player has been the youngest of them, Oscar and no one can touch his No. 10 place despite the fact that others can play in that position too. Oscar claimed:

“Mourinho has shown a lot of faith, trust, and confidence in me. My teammates trust me as well. I do not feel my age comes into it. I am dealing with it well.”

Once again, Jose’s management and faith have helped a youngster perform at top level. Oscar was good last season. This season, he has been brilliant and still improving every day.
More than a few doubted Mourinho’s judgment, but again the Portuguese has proven the doubters wrong.
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  1. I don’t think Ozil benefited that much from Mourinho’s management. Mourinho would force him to play on the right, while Ozil performs better in the middle or with freedom to move around as he wishes. Now we can clearly see that he is performing better under Arsene Wenger.
    I do agree with your point on Oscar. Mourinho has helped him perform at his highest level.

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