Ridiculous – Wasted All Summer and Now David Moyes Claims January is Not Good for Top Players

Ridiculous - Wasted All Summer and Now David Moyes Claims January is Not Good for Top PlayersWe have got a disastrous manager at our hands. If any Manchester United fan thinks that David Moyes is the right man to lead the club then he is completely naïve.
Just because Alex Ferguson selected this Man does not make him a super manager when others have won trophies with squads inferior to his Everton’s.
Moyes is the reason why stars were not interested in joining the club. On the other hand, his inexperience in the transfer window is why we are suffering. Perhaps he thought that it works like Everton here.
Yes it has only been 6 games but we are already a laughing stock. We are the champions of England and deserve much better, not David Moyes.
Things have just started, expect them to turn worst as time goes by. He wasted all summer and then signed one of his own Fellaini (a habit of the small managers, buy from your ex-club). And now Moyes claims:

“I’ll look at January, but I wouldn’t want people to have big expectations about what you would sign or do,”
“I don’t think January has, in the main, been a really good month to sign really top players.”

May be he will look towards Everton again, but there are all the chances that come January, Everton will still be above United and Baines will probably want to stay put.
He said we cannot win the Champions league and if he is to go by the above statement then us, the Manchester United supporters should forget about playing in World’s best club competition next season.
Then expect the star players like Van Persie and Rooney to leave and become an average side. I know you may deny, but we all would have preferred Mourinho, even now. The sooner we get rid of Moyes, the better for us. He is turning out to be what Hodgson was for Liverpool.
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  1. HGH Magic says:

    Priceless. Lol

  2. Danno says:


  3. Danno says:

    Come on SUNDERLAND lol

  4. luke says:

    Stop being a keyboard warrior and become a football manager then?

  5. He is right ! January is not normally the best time to sign top players as the best are normally cup tied,if a top player comes on the market and he is’nt no doubt Moyes will buy him if its what we need,as for summer it was a cluster fuck we all know that,but its down to Woodwood not Moyes,this transition was always gonna take time and the squad Moyes inherited allthough champions were already lacking in the midfield and a lot of the squad aproaching retirement,on the other side of the coin just look at the United youth coming of age in the squad and out on loan,Moyes will be given time by those that count and you my NAIVE friend will be eating your words in the way a certain Alan Hansen did,when this next crop of youngsters lift the European Cup !!

  6. Glenn says:

    Lol man-ure…

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