Kagawa Snub – Man United Possible Starting 11 vs Sociedad

Kagawa Snub Again - Man United Possible Starting 11 vs SociedadManchester United will face Spanish side Real Sociedad tonight in their third Champions league game.
Having earned 4 points from the first two, Moyes will be looking to earn maximum in the next two as they will face the weakest team in the group.
Sociedad have not yet earned a single point in the Champions league group and may as well forget about qualification to knock out stages if United beat them tonight.
Manchester United were without their captain Nemanja Vidic in the last league fixture against Southampton that ended in a disappointing 1-1 draw.
However, it is likely that Vidic will return from injury back to the starting XI.
Shinji Kagawa has played only one premier league and Champions league game and was subbed in both of them. The Japanese international probably have to sit out once again much to his frustration.
Fellaini has been horrific since joining United but Moyes will likely give his favorite player another start tonight.
Here is Man United’s Possible Starting 11 vs Sociedad

Prediction: Manchester United 3-0 Real Sociedad

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  1. akori shadrach says:

    why is moyes doing all this 2 kagawa

  2. Chinco says:

    Man utd starting 11 degea, evra, vidic, evans, rafel, kagawa, clevaly, carrick, nani, rooney, chicharito,,,,,,

  3. john says:

    I think moyes is just being bais cause their some players there that are not better than kagawa but he normally give them chance why not giving kagawa Ƨ̷̜̩̌̋ɑ̤̥̈̊ṁ̭̥̈̅̄ε̲̣̣̣̥ chance?

  4. aguma alex chapman says:

    What did kagawa do to moyes.he bought fellain when he didnt know where to play him.Stop racism all players need equal treatment

  5. derek uzor says:

    da gea,rafeal,evans,vidic,evra

  6. Rome says:

    Moyes got a personal problem with Shinji and he can’t bear to see anyone play better than fellaini at that position that’s why Fergie is wrong about him and that’s why he is only lasting one season

    • My fans, u guys r very near to yellow face manager moyes… Plz do cal to him let kagawa to play instead of bighead summer signing… 27.5 summer signing does not fit in united shirt n style. Ask bosrd to sack manager n ship out felaini…
      We united fans around the planet r getn frustration when we see bighead-felaini…
      Ask board 2 ship out of the trafford…

    • jimmymac62 says:

      You are mistaken if you believe that the Glazers will act like Abramovich just because United are dropping points in the first 8 games against very good opposition. There are 12 players at United with less than 2 years left on their contract; Moyes will be working on that and on bringing in another 6 players over the same period. He will also try and develop the younger academy and reserve players and bring as many of them into the first team squad as possible. The future looks bright but there is a lot of change and upheaval to come before we start to see the new squad and first team take shape. The biggest factor in Ferguson’s success was the patience of the board of directors; yes he did have prior experience and success but he was also fortunate to have had the opportunity in an era when the level of competition was generally much lower. Moyes has a far more difficult task ahead of him than some people seem to realise but that doesn’t automatically mean he is the wrong man for the job. Despite all the talk about having an unlimited budget history proves that the Glazers have never wanted a team of Galaticos. They are only interested in profit and the cheaper the outlay for continued success the better. Since Berbatov joined United the Glazers have not sanctioned any transfer fee above £27.5m (Fellaini) almost every player apart from RvP and Young has been 25 years old or younger upon signing and in the last 3 seasons most of them have been from schoolboy to academy age players. Assuming Moyes does bring in 6 experienced players its still unlikely that he will be able to field his own team for at least 2 to 3 years. That is the kind of period he should be seriously judged on…not after less than a dozen competitive games.

  7. philzee says:

    Moyes is an average coach…kagawa is far much better tha a lot of Man U players…but why not giving him chance…my starting 11..de gea,evra,jones,vidic,raphael,cleavery,carrick,kagawa,januzaj,rooney,rvp..moyes please u hav well talented staff bt I think u dnt know hw to use them…

  8. smart says:

    Moyes is an asian racist,what on earth as kagawa done to him.no wonder he was not excel ling in man utd.hope God open his eye.

  9. Rayanh evans oruxhe says:

    Y is it moyes don’t lyk kagawa if posible kagawa shud be given more matches 2 improv manchester try kagawa in no.8 en see who is he stop giving felaini feva yet he is not fiting united

  10. metkel says:

    please moyes give kgwa a game. He’s more than capable of doing that. We don’t want to see fellaini in man utd squad. Line up-degea, evra,evans,vida,rafael,nani,carrik,cleverly,janzuaji,kagawa,rvp. Pls moyes try it with confidence.

  11. Ben says:

    There’s only one thing i blame moyes nt to do,that is puting gigs to spoil the work player have already done.to me these is my starting xi,degea,vidic evans,rafeal,evra,carrick,nani,kagawa,rooney,rvp. Substitutions should be,jones,januzaj,valencia,failani,

  12. Darren says:

    Starting line up (4-2-2-2)
    De Gea

  13. Aliyu abubakar says:

    Nothing to say bcz moyes don’t no what he is doing by living kagawa on th bench.STUPID

  14. akash says:

    Moyes if kagawa did not get chance to play in behind striker in premier league atleast play him in champion league. Rest van persie who stoke match then kagawa can get his place behind strike because he doesn’t play in premier league match alteast play him today. Or you gave only player which you like not asian player.

  15. IanT says:

    Moyes is at best a mid table manager and he can only spot a mid table player. Getting him to manage MU is only going to make MU a mid table team. Kagawa on the hand is a top player and only a fool will choose Fellaini over him.

    • jimmymac62 says:

      2 completely different styles of player and position. Kagawa doesnt help defend. Fergie hardly picked him after RvP arrived unless he dropped Rooney. Rooney is our top scorer so cant be dropped RvP is our best target man and penalty taker, one of our best defenders at corners and highest scorer last season so he has to play. Januzaj scores, dribbles, assists and has a great short annd long passing game so he should play. if you play Kagawa Evra is exposed; we need 3 in midfield. Personally I would play Carrick Jones and Cleverley and use the fullbacks to supply the width with Jones covering.

  16. Igwe Collinsmary says:

    Moyes spent the whole summer transfer window scouting, and finally got a mis-fit from Everton. Kagawa,one of the United finest has not got the treatment he deserves. It’s sad to see him wasting on the bench,and i can assure Moyes that he will regret loosing this playmaker.

    • jimmymac62 says:

      How can you regret losing someone if he doesn’t play? Kagawa was bought to play no 10 behind Rooney but RvP suddenly became available and Ferguson was justified in not picking Kagawa as RvP won title #20 for him. Kagawa is brilliant at just one thing, playing no 10 but Moyes doesn’t have the players who can accommodate his lack of hard work infront of midfield when the United attack breaks down. It makes more sense to play RvP and Rooney with Januzaj or Nani who can switch flanks and cut inside. Carrick and Fellaini play too deep and are both too slow to play a pressing game. If Moyes had a real ball winner in midfield or Kagawa dropped back and helped regain posession then maybe he would be played more but he is too static.

  17. HGH Magic says:

    LOL as manure continue to suck. Long may it continue. LoLest

  18. redbugatti says:

    kagawa DESERVES his chances to be part of Man Utd..to be involve in every games..to fulfil his potentials..to make an impact to Man Utd..it is a wasted money by not selecting him for the 1st eleven..young dont deserve to be part of Man Utd anymore..
    my team: DDG, Rfl, Vida, JE, Evra, Carrick, SKagawa, Nani, Valencia, RVP & Rooney. Sub: Chica, Januzaj, TC, Fabio, Jones & Smalling

    • jimmymac62 says:

      That midfield would be completely overrun. Carrick cant cover such a massive area and Kagawa can’t play CAM.
      4-3-3 would be a safer option with Cleverley linking with the forwards and Jones the destroyer or man marker. He could also drop back to cover Rafaels forward runs. Evra is the weak link though. Moyes was right to try and get Baines, shame he ended up with Fellaini instead.
      Woodward, you are the weakest link….GOODBYE!

  19. Christonmohchezchalex says:

    I wonder why kagawa haven’t been giving tym to play. He has the ability he is a good nd better player i think he should be giving chance to play to nyte

  20. Ajim Austin says:

    Moye’s need to be careful with blind attitude he is using about wrong selection and wrong subtitution.pls management help me settle the matter between moye’s and kagawa,the only crative player man u have 4 now.tell moye’s to stop execuse,we are tired of lose point.

  21. Samson Adejoh says:

    Moyes is killing kagawa’s carrier. For now fellaini is not playing better than kagawa in midfield. If Moyes fails to play him tonight, he should find his way out of old trafford in January. Moyes is doesn’t he the quality to coach united, imagine the substitution he made against soton last saturday. He should be sack b4 he does the worst to my beloved united.

    • jimmymac62 says:

      Again, that is comparing 2 completely different types of player playing in completly diferent positions. I agree Fellaini was a poor signing but Moyes was tight to try and address the need for a dm enforcer. Fellaini just isn’t up to the job. Use him as an emergency centre forward battering ram in the last 20 minutes perhaps. Kagawa just cant be risked in such an important game with a midfield that is already struggling Kagawa is a luxury player who offers nothing when United are out of possession (which has been for a lot of the games so far this season)
      General point to all the doubters and naysayers; Its ridiculous to demand that Moyes be sacked. He is the manager and will be for the foreseeable future. You need to ask yourself how much you really want to support the club regardless of what manager is in charge.

  22. montfort chibambo says:

    Moyes If u want your job to be safe, use all prayers that peaple want more especialy kagawa i think no body will pont à finger at u. try and you will see.

  23. Wabz says:

    De Gea
    Rafeal, Jones, Evans , Evra
    Carrick, Kagawa
    Nani, Rooney , Januzaj

  24. ram says:

    I think this year manu will be on 8 position if david moyes doesn’t change his mind

  25. terrry j says:

    any team that doesnt have that over-rated useless welbeck, rubbish young, dead wood smalling and 27m flop fellaini in it will do well. time to rid old trafford of welbeck, young, smalling cause none’s good enough.

  26. Joel Olakunle says:

    Moyes as no common sense. He is a mad coach. I hate everything about the man. What happened to zaha, Kagawa, chicharito and valencia. They are a match winner. Without them u can’t to far.

    • jimmymac62 says:

      Please stop making nonsensical comments, you don’t know Moyes so how can you hate everything about him? Zaha isn’t ready yet, Hernandez doesn’t create, provide assists or defend, he is an impact sub (like Ole was) but Moyes values him and has said he will play a lot of games over the season. Kagawa also doesnt defend or press when not in possession. United have had too many important games against the better teams so far this season. Kagawa might get some game time against smaller teams when Moyes can afford to experiment a bit more. We need 3 points tonight its a risk playing him and leaving the midfield short or droping either of our 2 strikers and Januzaj offers more than Kagawa can without sacrificing possession.
      I hope Moyes can add quality to the midfield in January then he might be able to play Kagawa more often but there are only so many players you can play in attack without sacrificing other areas of your team.

  27. Godspower peres says:

    da moyes, i might say there is something wrong with by not leting kagawa to play…
    this time arnd, if you loss this match… we’ll sack you

    • jimmymac62 says:

      Luckily you don’t have authority to make those decisions. Perhaps you should stick to playing FIFA Manager. Moyes is here to stay for at least 2-3 years, deal with it and get behind him, he is a very hard working, meticulous planner with great self belief and energy and, above all, an honorable man but he needs time and support to overhaul an ageing squad. He has had no help from the Glazers who don’t have any interest or knowledge of the day to day running of one of the world’s biggest football clubs. Ferguson has also made life difficult for him with Rooney and, he has had a very difficult set of opening fixtures with very little time to prepare. Judge him after the end of next season not after 10 games.

  28. Gurmail says:

    The ball is not play quick enough through the midfield so when kagawa gets the ball he is bully off it to easily its not his fault but Uniteds only way he can is in a 3 5 2 formation last season west brom game is an example were Kagawa was man of the match

    • jimmymac62 says:

      But West Brom put 5 goals past the defence. If they can do it imagine what a top side woul do? 3-5-2 formation had a lot of potential for disaster if you don’t have the players who can succeed with it. I do like the idea of 3 centre backs and 2 wing backs instead of wingers but that would all depend on the personnel….here is a suggestion that may be unlikely but doesn’t seem impossible Hummels would be ideal as he can play the ball out of defence and has fantastic anticipation; playing Garay and Mangala either side of him would make a great backline. Coentrao can play wingback and also left midfield so if the midfield needed stiffening up he could slot in and Rafael could drop to rb with Garay and Hummels at cb and Mangala at lb. Hummels coul also step up and play sweeper if required. Khedira and Kundogan or Pogba in midfield (with Carrick as sub) Nani Rooney/RvP Januzaj up front
      Subs: Lindegaard Smalling/Evans Carrick Jones/Cleverley Kagawa Rooney/RvP Welbeck/Hernandez

  29. Sunday A Bello says:

    Oga Moyes u’re killing man United gradually, although i’ve said it ealier that u will bring all everton player 2 M. United so he has being succeded by doing that. I pray that God should hv mercy on man united b4 d man call moyes will destroy d team with is sentiment

  30. Gutiwanpersi says:

    by reading all the comments here you can tell there is too many Bruce Lees coz of the english

  31. derickbanks says:

    moyes is an average coach. kagawa is better than felleini nd cleverly. why do’t u give kagawa chance yet you can give anderson ns young chances?

    • jimmymac62 says:

      Moyes had now assessed every player in the squad and will probably move Young and Anderson out of the club in January. I expect Evra Rio Vidic Giggs Anderson Young Macheda Buttner and possibly one or more of Rooney Fabio Cleverley Valencia and Kagawa to go by the summer. Long shots to go RvP de gea Fellaini Hernandez Lindegaard and Zaha

  32. I do not mind who ever may play, but i do not like to see bighead summer signing felaini- he does not hv quality 2 play in such big club…
    Ask 2 ship him out of old trafford…

  33. Ericho says:

    SAF once commented that kagawa is better than Eden Hazard. Why didnt Moyes take note of the fact ? I think moyes just got big headed and his ego just got inflated. He will never take advice from anyone other than his coaches. In conclusion, he is not the right one.

    • jimmymac62 says:

      Its only a fact that it was Ferguson’s opinion; that doesn’t mean its the truth. Ferguson made some very poor signings and ignored some of the greats. He also had a blind spot for his favourites; he should have made Giggs retire before he did. He should have moved on Anderson and Young and bought Hazard. Why didn’t he buy Garay when he had the chance? Moyes has inherited a very mixed bag and identified 5 areas he wanted to upgrade or provide competition in but Woodward wad under pressure from the Glazers to bring in more corporate sponsorship deals than players to the club.

  34. caleb says:

    Fellaini was just a waste of 27.5 mil..we bought someone who we don’t need wat is carrick there for?we need a floating creative player e.g modric,gundogan someone who can create from deep

  35. Abubakar yusuf hashim says:

    I think moyes is calling to his sack, man u is bigger than your racism and please dont block our market in asia. amature wrong selection.

    • jimmymac62 says:

      What is your problem? How can you possibly make such a ridiculous assertion. It really is totally ridiculous and insulting to label Moyes a racist merely because he hasnt selected a player. Get over yourself!

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