Why Spurs are Better Off Without Chelsea’s Willian

Why Spurs are Better Off Without Chelsea’s WillianSpurs have signed more than a few top talents in summer transfer window. On the other hand, they also failed to lure some targets. One of the main players they lost out on was Brazilian Willian.
The former Shakhtar and Anzhi playmaker signed for Chelsea lately for a hefty price tag of 32 million pounds after flirting with Tottenham.
North Londoners may have lost out on Willian but the players they have lured indicate that Spurs are actually better off without Chelsea’s Willian.
The Brazilian is no doubt highly talented star but his stats as compared to the new arrivals of playmakers Lamela and Eriksen are by no means better.
Last season 25 year old Willian played 21 league games combined for Shakhtar and Anzhi, scored 3 goals and provided 7 assists.
Contrary to that, Lamela and Eriksen, both 21 have better stats. The Argentine played 33 league games last season for Roma, scored 15 goals and provided 5 assists.
Denmark star Eriksen featured in 33 league games for Ajax and directly contributed in 27 goals (10 goals, 17 assists).
Understandable that stats do not always tell the whole story and these players are now in the toughest league in the world. Still, Tottenham were able to sign the talented duo of Lamela and Eriksen for a combined sum of 38 million pounds. It is obvious who got the better deal.
Spurs also have another bright prospect in Lewis Holtby. That indicates they do not even lack depth, therefore, even the fans are not really concerned that much after losing out on Willian.
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Dusko Cakovic

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  1. Sir Cecil says:

    I laughed very much when Tottenham lost out on Willian. Indeed, I still laugh about it at regular intervals, sometimes as much as nine or ten times a day. Unfortunately, last week I burst out laughing during an important business meeting and received strange looks from my colleagues. But when I recounted the story of Spurs and Willian, they immediately understood and started laughing too. I remembered this last night when I was at a party and everyone took it turns to tell a joke. When my turn came, I told the Spurs/Willian story and earned the biggest laugh of the night from all who heard it.
    I must say I have enjoyed all this immensely. The only thing that could match it for laughter would be Willian scoring against Tottenham – I’m sure that Chelsea supporters the world over would laugh their heads off, and even many non-Chelsea followers would probably role on the floor clutching their bellies in uncontrollable laughter.

    • KingRob says:

      I think it will be the spurs fans laughing when we see him play. The guy can dribble around in circles all day long but he can’t kick a ball. His best trick is going around the keeper and blasting it over.
      The fact he gets nowhere near the Brazil team says a lot…

      • Sir Cecil says:

        A sad indictment of your own manager then, who desperately tried to buy Willian while at both Tottenham and Chelsea. I hope his other choices are better, having spent most of the Bale money on them. Good luck!

        • Wilko says:

          Actually our manager only made one public claim and that was that he was not interested

        • Also at some point during the whole affair Levy was so angry he even threatened to call off the Bale to Madrid deal because Chelsea stole him HAHA like Chelsea where concerned about that deal,I think he must have been trying to get as many people on side as possible HAHA !

    • rubelraj says:

      you are a gooner,last laughter is wating to blow your head off when spurs sink chelski

      • Sir Cecil says:

        Sadly for Spurs, the team is not what it was. I see no threat coming from them.
        You have all been duped. Do you recall Levy telling you at various times that Bale would not be sold? And that Modric would not be sold? And you all hailed Levy as a serious leader who means what he says?
        So where is Modric now? And where is Bale?
        They’ve gone to pastures new to better themselves. Both could not get away quick enough. And now you’re being told that the bunch of middling players they’ve just bought will be more than adequate replacements.
        Duped again. And all the while your pals at Arsenal buy a truly world class player in Ozil. Seems to me it’s Arsenal that will present Chelsea with a better contest this season than Tottenham.

    • Rob says:

      Sad Chelsea fan fantasising about attending an “important business meeting” and people laughing at his lame “joke” at a party! What a sad and pathetic tale… poor fellow.

      • Sir Cecil says:

        Lame joke? No, no, I made no jokes about LAME-la at all. I have not seen him play yet. I do hope he lives up to my expectations.

  2. Andrew says:

    @Sir Cecil. The last laugh will be on you. You just paid £30 m for an overrated money grabbing two faced. Well, at least he will find some use in keeping the bench warm.

    • Sir Cecil says:

      It is true. With Chelsea’s rich cast of fine players, Willian’s game time is almost certain be less than if he had played for the likes of Tottenham. But the player has clearly voted in favour of quality over quantity.

  3. bluebird says:

    You must go to some great parties Sir Cecil! When you’ve stopped dining out on the Willian story you may wish to reflect that this article is actually saying Chelsea would have been better off with Lamela and Erikksen. Certainly Chelsea cannot rely on John Terry handballs for their results this season, or Ivanovic kicking people in the head. Mind you, with friends like Kevin Friend, and the Mourinho effect on refereeing, I guess they might! In which case I suspect you’ll have a few more laughs….

    • Sir Cecil says:

      Glad to hear you’ve been following Chelsea’s games so closely. I’m embarrassed to say I watch very little of Tottenham on TV.

  4. Chazza says:

    Sir Cecil proves conclusively that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.

  5. Ken says:

    I didn’t laugh when Chelsea was on the brink of bankruptcy before Abramovich bought over the club. I was glad that a London club that had been around will still be around. What happened after that disgust me. These Chelski fans, whose club was saved by $ not from their own pockets but by some billionaire brag about how their club is so big and wealthy when they hv done nothing to contribute to that success. If Abramovich pulls the plug on his toy you call a club, you will be back where you belong. When that happens, I will truly laugh.

    • Sir Cecil says:

      Am I wrong in saying Tottenham has its own billionaire owner? In exile in Bermuda or some such place? If I were you, I’d worry less about Abramovich’s dedication to his club, and worry more about Tottenham’s sunbed carouser who barely attends White Hart Lane at all.

  6. My Heart Is White says:

    Yeah sir cecil I know the feeling. It’s the same for me, years have gone by now, but still I can’t help falling around laughing at john the racist and lamps humiliated and gutted faces as they walked up the steps to collect their losers medals after we beat you in the league cup final. It’s still so very funny to remember how they thought they had it in the bag, but ultimately ended up looking like idiots. FANTASTIC!

    • Sir Cecil says:

      Oh yes. I had forgotten that. Thank you for reminding me of it. I have to admit that was a fine achievement by Tottenham. It is always refreshing to see an underdog come out on top occasionally. And please note, by using the word “underdog”, I do not intend to be condescending – but you yourself will readily admit that teams like Dulwich Hamlet, Milton Keynes Dons, Exeter and Spurs, all of whom have attained the same level of achievement in terms of having the exact same number of Premiership titles to their name, will always be considered underdogs by most sensible people.

  7. Prince says:

    Lol,its quite pathetic how spurs fans bash chelsea fans and calling them plastic…..the truth there is that your club is small with with little trophy to show for it.if you where willian would you reject chelsea where he would win medals and trophy and sign with spurs who hardly win trophys?

    • Sir Cecil says:

      Now let’s not be cruel for cruelty’s sake.
      Tottenham have lost their best player of last season, and the best player of the season before. They can’t be expected to win trophies with that kind of catastrophic pruning of their most accomplished men, so it’s unfair to compare their failures with Chelsea’s continual trophy hauls.
      Better to offer sympathy. Imagine what it must be like for them. This is a club that once had players like Gilzean, Greaves, Mackay, Robertson, Chivers, Gascoigne, Venables, Ardiles, Lineker, England, Klinsmann, Peters and so many more top class men. And yes, once they had Bale and Modric too.
      But look what they have now, and who they have just bought. Yes, sympathy is due, not cruel jibes.

  8. 6YardsOut says:

    Willian is one of those annoying players who just does skill and doesn’t focus on trying to win games. He is like a 10 year old playing in the park, it’s all about showing off and “owning” people rather than doing what needs to be done.

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