Why Jose Mourinho wanted Manchester United Job in First Place

Why Jose Mourinho wanted Manchester United Job in First PlaceJose Mourinho returned to his beloved Chelsea football club this summer after leaving Real Madrid but there have been reports before and even now that the Portuguese wanted Manchester United’s job in the first place.
Spanish Journalist Diego Torres has revealed in his new book that Mourinho was frustrated after Moyes was announced as the new manager after Alex Ferguson.
Whether or not that is true, we still do not know but if Mourinho really wanted Manchester United job then here is the possible reason why.
Mourinho might have won many titles with Chelsea and has a strong relationship with the fans but his desire to manage the greatest of clubs in the world has never changed.
He even had a great relation with Barcelona having worked with them but said that there is a “gap” in your career if you do not manage Real Madrid and there he did.
Same is the case with United. With no disrespect to Chelsea, United are a bigger and more historic club, plus the fact that legendary manager Alex Ferguson was retiring, his successor was always going to be special and Mourinho wanted to be that one. Sadly for him, it was Moyes.
He is a manager who needs strong motivation and United provided exactly that opportunity. On paper, Chelsea have a much much better squad than Manchester United, with more quality depth. Yet, Mourinho perhaps wanted United’s name on his already brilliant CV as he already had Chelsea’s.
It will be an utter crime to say that David Moyes is a better manager than Mourinho, David Moyes is nowhere near the class of Mou and United fans would have been delighted if he was in charge (they may say otherwise now).
However, many United fans are giving Moyes the credit just because Ferguson made the choice. Mourinho won it all at Chelsea except CL, his main motivation is surely going to be Champions League. Will he ever be able to manage United, unlikely but you never know.
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  1. Sir Cecil says:

    The new book also says Jimmy Saville was a Manchester United fan.

  2. 6YardsOut says:

    It’s interesting if Chelsea really was his second choice destination but apparently he had been talking to Abramovich from last November about the possibility of going back to Chelsea.

  3. WHAT ? Chelsea have a far stronger squad than Man Utd,they are strong in the midfield dept only,their depth in the final third of the field and the first third of the field is not as strong or deep as it is at Man Utd and to say something like that when your so blatantly OBVIOUSLY wrong puts into question your knowledge of the subject you are reporting on !!

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