Chelsea Madness – £18 Million, 3 years, Single Start

Chelsea Madness – £18 Million, 3 years, Single StartGetting straight to the point. Chelsea were mad to let their best striker leave on loan yet again. Lukaku still waits for his dream chance and has departed again.
Chelsea paid a hefty £18 million to sign the Belgian international from Andcerlecht in 2011. Since then, the youngster has only been able to start a single premier league game in well effectively 3 years (Add this year’s loan as well).
What is more baffling that after a stunning loan spell, he is the one who had to leave.
Signing for Blues was perhaps the worst move for Lukaku, a highly talented striker who did everything last season to deserve a chance with Chelsea as he outperformed other Blues strikers.
The signing of Eto’o may prove to be fruitful for the Stamford Bridge side but why on earth are Chelsea sticking to Fernando Torres. Unbelievable.
High wages, inconsistent for them since forever, definitely not better than Lukaku but still Chelsea hope against hope that he will be brilliant.
Ba is to be blamed for inconsistent form as well but then again he only signed in January, not more than 2 years back like Fernando.
If Eto’o performs well, then Torres can surely expect himself to warm the bench like he did when veteran Didier Drogba was the shining star at Chelsea.
Lukaku still has a long contract with Blues, but if he has any sense left, then he must leave Chelsea after completing his loan spell at Everton this season.
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Dusko Cakovic

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  1. Gbenga says:

    Jose’s second coming at Chelsea will only spell doom for the club. From the choices of players and formation in the last three games, its no longer a mystery will he failed at Real Madrid. Loaning out Lukaku and Moses, for me is a clear show of bias and confusion. Let’s see how long he will last at the Bridge.

  2. Torres is Abramovich’s brain child,thats why Mourinho can’t get rid and Jose needs to spend money to be successful and he isnt being allowed to do that this time as Chelsea manager,all it will take is a spell of bad results and I can see The Happy One becoming the Unemployed one,Jose Mourinho has a great football brain and to tell arguably the best midfield in Europe to play to the strengths of Torres is laughable and certainly not Jose’s tactics I would be suprised if he is still the Chelsea manager at the end of this season !!

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