Personal Terms Left – Brazilian Set to Sign for Liverpool

Personal Terms Left - Brazilian Set to Sign for LiverpoolLiverpool are on the verge of completing their 5th major signing this summer after reports suggest that they have agreed 5 million pounds fee for Granada left back Guilherme Siqueira.
According to Metro, the Brazilian is set to sign for Liverpool and only personal terms are left. Liverpool have been looking to add more quality and depth to left back position and Siqueira is going to be that addition.
Jose Enrique had a very inconsistent last season and signing Siqueira will surely put pressure on him to perform well. However, it is likely that the Samba star will be the first choice at Anfield.
The Granada star regularly played in la liga and has been a consistent defender over the years. One of his main pluses is that he score goals and provides quality crosses in the box, something that Enrique has largely failed to do.
He adds both to attack and defense. 17 goals in 71 appearances that too for a defender is a brilliant stat but premier league is completely different and tougher as well.
Liverpool fans will hope that Guilherme Siqueira somehow ends the long search for quality and consistent left back as they have been missing one since the departure of John Arne Riise.
Reds are also reportedly interested in bringing another Brazilian playmaker in Willian from Anzhi and are ready to splash as much as 30 million pounds for the talented midfielder.
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  1. Raneh says:

    I am not sure about him. Granada finished 15th.
    Yes he scores goals but its the defense we faced more problem last season..

  2. Danno says:

    Rodgers is an IDIOT.Hes just said where STRONGER NOW,after he’s took a Samurai Sword to the first team,and SLASHED IT,ALL TO GET THE WAGE BILL DOWN. ( IN Mignolet Toure Aspas Alberto ) ( OUT Reina Shelvey Carroll Downing Spearing ) HOW THE BLOODY HELL IS THAT MAKING LFC STRONGER…. WHO WILL BE SACKED BY XMAS.AND WHEN YOU ARE,TAKE back pass Allen,invisible Borini with you TOSSER…

    • booboo says:

      You’re right, the guy’s an idiot: He got rid of our 3 most over-rated, underachieving players on huge wage packet’s that he had no intention of letting off the bench (in Downing, Carroll and Shelvey), pocketing £30 million and saving £200 k a week. He also got £1.5 million for Spearing which most LFC fans would have been happy to swap for a bag of new footballs, and replaced (“I’m loyal to LFC until Barcelona come call”) Reina with one of the best keepers in the league over the last 2 years. He’s an absolute idiot…sack him now!!!

      • LFC_Fan says:

        Yes, & sell Coutinho, Aspas, Sturridge, Borini, Allen, Kolo, Mignolet & Alberto. Rleplace them with the likes of Sincliar, Hooper, Darrent Bent, Calrton Cole, Ashley Young, Showcross with double salary package.

    • Dan says:

      Tbh mate we needed to clear some of the shit out and br has got it spot on so far! 3 left Suarez, Coates and skrtle left to go then buy in some new blood ie Willian, Martinez, Toby, erikson and sakho

    • redcourtinho says:

      So Reina (110k per week), Shelvey (25k per week), Carroll (90k per week), Downing (80k per week) and Spearing (50k per week) where good enough for a club that finished below 6th for the last 4 years???? £355k per week on 5 players who now grace Napoli, West Ham, Swansea and Bolton are good enough for Liverpool???
      You seriously need to take your head out of your behind lad! Not one of the aforementioned is good enough for LFC let alone the kings ransom we where paying them.
      The only bell end i believe is you? Jog on!

    • guy roskruge says:

      Guys let’s give BR a chance.I got a very gud feeling abt liverpool this season.

  3. TICH says:

    Danno u must b a Man U supporter Rodgers to prove u wrong the left back can only b better than Enrique who continues to give the ball away in final 3rd we will sell Enrique to Man U to keep u happy u fud

  4. Ryan says:

    Yeah he scored goals from penalty, but not many defenders get on average 6 goals per season and 3 or so assists. He has managed to get 17 goals but not all were from the penalty box. At the end of the day he knows where the net is and a goal is a goal.

  5. YNWALFC says:

    I can’t believe that comment. aspas and Alberto are a big step up from Shelvey, downing, Carroll or spearing. Reina is better than mignolet but not by much and he is younger. The squad is stronger than last year, and Brendan hasn’t finished yet. No way is Danno a Liverpool fan. How about supporting the team instead of moaning. Just remember, you couldn’t do better with a lack of funds and no champions league to offer. Top players want champions league and cost money we don’t have.

  6. br says:

    i hope liverpool sign willian…his signing will get us lot closer to top 4 finish

  7. dingo90 says:

    Danno why are you such a bitter chav?!!!!! Maybe you’d like hodgson to return to mange LFC you total piss ant wanker!!!

    • Danno says:

      We’ll see than Tosser,I’m thinking OUTSIDE THE TOP 10 under this idiot.And I guess you think with that squad,we’ll get TOP 4 lol

  8. clarkson peter says:

    In Brendan Rodgers i trust

  9. ezart ifwat says:

    Yeah… I trust BR… <3

  10. milton says:

    let s jump the gun yet,i would like to make a decision after six games and see hw saures will fit in with new three by desember and we in with a shout.

  11. Affollious says:

    Danno, I support YNWAfc coz u jst talk as if u re selfish or sentiment, dnt no if u dnt lyk BR, listen every one dat is criticisin BR shuld understand dat dis is jst d test 4 him, nw u re criticisin him lf u guys later see @ d end of d season dat he did well u will be sayin he tried, y dnt u pple hv patient & see wat d future will bring 1st instead of u criticisin or do u guys tink wat BR is facin is easy, even in every job u manage it is nt easy, u guys better be patient & dnt step on a teeth stone.

  12. If we did not sign willian we will not go to top four.becos willian is a skillful player and if u play willian and suarez 9 and 10 it will be ok and u have countiho and gerrard giving them the passes..bredan rodgers sign willian and it will be a good sinning for u.

  13. zacks says:

    my problem is, why is it that liverpool players are easy to offload to the other clubs, but when it comes for liverpool to buy a player’ it delays, full of many reasons. It realy affect my happiness in life.

  14. Mr Charlie Wong says:

    All Brendan needs to do now is sign a couple more players and try and keep Suarez, if he does that then will will be in the top 5 next season.
    In:Eriksen, Siqueira, Sakho
    Out: Coates
    LFC team 13/14
    Johnson, Sakho, Agger, Siqueira
    Lucas, Gerrard
    Sturridge, Suarez, Coutinho
    Now that team would put us in the top four or close to it!!!!!!
    C’mon Brendan, this team would kick ass!!

  15. YNWALFC says:

    Whether I think we can get top 4 or not doesn’t matter. I will support LFC and everyone that wears a LFC shirt. It is called being a supporter Danno. Look up the word supporter and you will realise you haven’t a clue. Look up the word prick and you will see your picture. Knob head.

  16. adrian says:

    Hope BR gets the sack .coz of his low reputation we cannot get top players,southampton, swansea ,everton and totenham totenham have acquired better players than us, Watch shelvey this season he will outperfom allen, borini is garbage. hope he does not sign any more of his old players( scott sinclair)so that next season when Van gaal is head coach there is not much deadwood

    • Paul says:

      No doubt you would have called for Shankly to go because of his low profile having not managed a European cup winning side

  17. Mr Charlie Wong says:

    Can’t wait for that felling of watching liverpool in action once again
    Can’t wait for that felling when liverpool win
    Can’t wait for the premier league to be back again
    Can’t wait for August 17th 12:45
    Bring on stoke!!!!

  18. ayotunde says:

    i think BR is right for selling dos guys, Siqueira is a good replacement for enrique. LIVERPOOL FOR LIFFFFF

  19. Nath Emefiele says:

    someone should please help me tell BR to sign Yevhen Konoplyanka – the mercurial midfield magician

  20. samb says:

    guyz i cnt belive all dis agurement, y are u guyz insulting BR, 4 God sake, lets give d man a chance nd c wht he iz up 2, i cnt belive liverpool fans critisizing there manager its nt fair.

  21. LFC_Fan says:

    We might not finish in top 4, but that’s not BR’s fault. He has done a fantastic job to clear out some of the worst business done by KK & we are in a far better situation financially, player wise & football style wise then we were 12 months back. Imagine Woy & KK wasting almost 150m on players, none of whom can be a LFC quality. Even more, to establish the likes of Adam & Spearing, KK made Acqualini & Mirales leave the club.
    After watching Allen this preseason & Borini in Israel (EU21), I can say that BR has done outstanding in transfer business & the quality of football we are playing, LFC global image can only go up. BR has started a project, of which Year 1-1/2 is trash cleaning & balancing book, he couldn’t even had scope to concentrate full on football. I see him for a long, long, really long term Manager for us.

  22. Gitz says:

    The ideas brenda rongers z bringing,we hv to wait nd see the result.the reds now hv a competative squad which am sure wil challege thz season.

  23. YNWALFC says:

    Adrian, the reason we don’t attract top stars is because we can’t offer champions league, and we don’t have lots of money to chuck around. It’s nothing to do with Brendans reputation.

  24. Gitz says:

    Liverpool z regaining itz earliar fighting style,we fan hv smthng to cheer nd proud of.wish u successful season.

  25. Afooooyemi says:

    I think brendan rodger is make sense nw bcos paying player that seat on bench does nt make sense

  26. Matty k says:

    Agree with Rodgers clearing the decks & to be fair – he seems very legitimate & real with his ambition & belief in Liverpool & his passion for the club should give plenty of hope we are going foward.
    The ONLY beef I have with BR is the lack of World class signings , I realise funds are minimal but with the money from sold players & any extra would prefer 1 top shelf player instead of 2 average squad players.
    The ONLY dud he has provided thus far is Borini who I rate as poor & if we punt him & add Willan it would make my day & perhaps make our season…..maybe BR knows more about the Aspas type players & will prove us all wrong – I hope so anyway.

    • kd says:

      Umm Allen, borini , sahin , assiadi
      sturridge very injury prone
      the only one he has got right is coutinho

    • pwm says:

      fair point but no european football was the drawback for failure to bring in world class players, though Liverpool of old made world class players out of unknowns ie Rush. i feel that its about bringing in players that can play the way that BR is getting Liverpool to play, not has that player got a well known name. YNWA JFT96

  27. Reckoner says:

    Red Courtinho
    Pressing the like button was simply not enough. Well said mate!!
    Going back to Siqeira, I think it’ll be a good signing. Although Granada finished 15th and most of his goals were penalties, he gets forward, can cross the ball, creates chances and looks strong on the ball. I think the BPL will suit him.
    Welcome to Liverpool!!

  28. theophilus says:

    rodgers is doing his best english players are always costly and yet offer little to the progress of the club that is why kenny daglish didnt do well using them as major players thank God rodgers is bringing in players from different leagues.

  29. RedAsia says:

    It is not going to happen.. The Ameriacn owners are not going spend big $. They are running a biz not a football club. Bottom line is all that matters. BR is doing his best working within his means. Do not put your hopes too high. Another season down the drain..

  30. felix says:

    For me br is doing well but i think the problem is wr need players to do simple footnall cos we can enter in the box and create chances and if possible dp not do crosses gd te not ams pass the ball in the box and make goals. The players needs confidence infront goal and tried not to miss. Player s need to shoot just in goal post with no effort to put the ball high to the sky .we need perfect passes to make it easier to our players , not in a hurry like johnson .

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