Arsenal to Break Barrier and Pay £20m for Midfielder?

Arsenal to Break Barrier and Pay £20m for Midfielder?Arsenal have bounced back from opening day disappointment to register consecutive wins and the gunners are now up and running. However, their transfer season still is a massive disappointment.
No matter what Arsene Wenger claims about brainwashing done by media, fans are not blind and are right to criticize when the club has signed no top star before the start of new season.
Gunners have failed to lure every big transfer target this summer which is in fact a story heard every year. Their habit of not paying the asking price costs them big time. Will that habit continue in the remaining days of the summer window, we shall see.
For now, they are in pole position to land Yohan Cabaye, but the obstacle once again is the asking price. Not so long ago, Arsenal reportedly offered £10m to hire his services but Newcastle rejected that bid.
The magpies want £20m for their star midfielder. Their director claims:

“We’ve told Arsenal our terms, the ball is in their court.”

Fans will probably say that such an amount is too high for Cabaye but with the remaining time, they really should not care, nor should the club and if he is the missing piece in the puzzle then Arsenal should break the barrier and pay £20m for Midfielder.
Two wins in two might have silenced the critics but failing to lure another transfer target may as well bring back the outcry. Fans can keep their fingers crossed.
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  1. phile says:

    cabaye is not worth that amount, Newcastle are just taking advantage of arsenals’ need for new players in a very limited time, i think Mourinho was right on the wrong mentality to keep unhappy players in the premier league just because of the “i dont want to sell to a rival”. English clubs are loosing confidence and some kind of cowards

  2. Adzo says:

    We should not over pay for a player we don’t need, I’d prefer a big dm or Flamini instead of a over priced cayabe.

  3. BUNJO OBEDI says:

    As we all know as arsenal fans, Wenger will not stop his habit o f bargaining and yet he had already see the food is on plate for one to eat, for now I cant see him buying any player this summer am sorry my fellow arsenal fans for such words i’ve talked.

  4. TAJ AZIZ says:

    With that amount why not add 3ml.and sign top class fellaini? Is arsene a french nationalist? Building for french national team?

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