Liverpool’s Most Important Transfer Deal this Summer

Liverpool’s Most Important Transfer Deal this SummerHaving already signed four players, Reds have done great business in the transfer season thus far. However, Liverpool still have to sort out the most important transfer deal of this summer i.e. the deal of their best player Luis Suarez.
The Uruguayan international was arguably one of the best players of the premier league in the last campaign and keeping him should be Liverpool’s priority. On the other hand, Suarez has reiterated that he is not happy with the way media has treated him and will be interested in a move to Spanish giants Real Madrid.
Rodgers has stated that he has no plans of selling his best star but for now reports do suggest that the controversial striker is close to joining Ancelotti’s Real Madrid. Nevertheless, the deal remains the most important for Liverpool this summer.
The fans are divided on this subject. Some want him out of Anfield because of his comments about leaving, other want him at Merseyside for obvious reasons. However, keeping him is probably the best option. Why?
Liverpool have sold, Carroll for 15 million, Shelvey for 6 million and will receive a decent amount if Ince joins a new club. Inevitably, Reds net spending will then be near 0 and that means Liverpool do not really have to sell Suarez to sign new players. They will have enough transfer kitty available to bring more stars.
On the other hand, selling the best player in the league, one of the best in the world, selling him when LFC are not in champions league and cannot attract a player who can come even near his quality. Selling a player who always wants to win no matter what his off field problems are, selling a player who will probably be the main hope if Liverpool are to finish in top 4 next season. Does not really make sense does it?
For worst, if Liverpool have no other option but to sell him, then again there is not much problem. Rodgers is building the team nicely and we have seen that Reds have done well without their talisman as well.
Adding to that, Liverpool will receive a hefty sum of around 40 odd million pounds for the Uruguayan which should help in signing top quality replacement(s) if FSG allow of course.
All in all, there is no doubt that a player of Luis Suarez’s quality will make any team stronger and Liverpool will inevitably benefit if he stays. However, all will not be lost if he is sold. We shall see how the transfer saga unfolds.
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Dusko Cakovic

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  1. CHARLES says:

    I WANT him to stay at Merseyside

  2. br says:

    i hope suarez stays but if he is to leave we should sell him early as it will liverpool more time to replace him and more players will be available in market…if suarez is sold for 40 to 50m ….Rodger would have transfer budget of 70m…i hope they sign Stevan Jovetić (15m to 25m)….

  3. Abdul Aziz says:

    It will be really nice if the club can do all it could to keep Suarez in the club for the coming season, he is a quality player that no one will afford to loose.

  4. Redeoin says:

    Liverpool should sell Suarez for several reasons:
    1. He has been trying to engineer a move to Real Madrid and he has spoken openly to the press about it. This sort of behaviour in unacceptable,
    2. He is a P.R. disaster, who must be costing the club a fortune in lost sponsorship.
    3. He is already suspended for the first 6 matches of the season, and he will undoubtedly do something else stupid and get suspended again during the season.
    4. His transfer value will plummet if he pulls many more stunts like the Evra or Ivanovic fiascos, and given his past record, he almost certainly will.
    5. Irrespective of how good a player he is, he won’t be scoring or making any goals when he is suspended.
    6. The team played better without him at the end of last season. Whilst he is a great player, he gives the ball away a lot. The ball retention in the tiop third of the pitch is far better when he doesn’t play.

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