Expect Arsenal to Break Transfer Record Twice?

Expect Arsenal to Break Transfer Record Twice?There is nothing new that Arsenal football club is linked with top players. That happens in every transfer window. However, they normally fail to lure transfer targets for one reason or the other. Likewise, gunners have not yet completed a single big name signing this summer and fans are getting desperate.
Nevertheless, for now, reports suggest that Arsenal are close to signing two top stars and in that process Wenger is likely to break the transfer record twice. Brazilian and Atletico Mineiro winger Bernard and Liverpool superstar Luis Suarez are reportedly edging closer to becoming a gunner.
Arsenal current transfer record of 15 million pounds was set in 2009 when the Londoners splashed the amount to sign Russian playmaker Andrei Arshavin
Since then, Wenger has normally focused more on buying youngsters and for worst the club sold star players without replacing them.
Gunners are ready to pay a reported sum of 21 million pounds to secure the services of Bernard who contributed directly in 27 goals last season. Adding to that, he played two cameos for the Brazilian national side in the Confederations Cup as well.
On the other hand, Liverpool have rejected Arsenal’s bid for Uruguayan Luis Suarez but reports suggest that Londonders are not giving up on their pursuit and will come up with a 40 million pounds that may as well be enough to lure the prolific striker.
The question remains, Should gunner supporters expect that Arsenal will break transfer record twice this simmer with the above mentioned amounts? Is it really possible?
Fans hope that they will not be disappointed, promises will be fulfilled and big name players will sign for the club this time around without letting one of their own star players leave the club. For now, they are waiting with their fingers crossed.
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  1. Yegermal Gete says:

    I hope that CF Arsenal will compensate the fans by snatching both the Premier & European Champions league cups. In Wenger we thrust!!!
    Yegermal Gete- Fan of the gunners from Ethiopia

  2. Mark says:

    I think your find our record signing to be the signature of Arshavin in 2009 for £15 million……

  3. Jumabosco okwakol says:

    Thanks to all the Arsenalfc fans for your patients and support all long however on my behalf i think its now or never Wenger to keep deceiving people like his kids even if they re his kids when will he grow up as a mature parent so we are too tired of waiting its better to bring new players (big names) in at the moment so that they can play together in order them to get formation of their play than telling us to be patients We are toooooooooooooooo tired of words and empty promises better show us actions please we / am begging you! to do business as a manager not as board thanks once again we need players not words the board is saying theirs money so what is wrong then?

  4. alex says:

    Just more rumors and rubbish it is just becoming a joke now as are AFC and Mr Wenger, I have been a season ticket holder for 13 years travelling also to many away matches but this year I am not renewing my season ticket for the first time I am a disgruntled and unhappy fan that just cant understand our inability to sign a decent player all the dithering about if we was going to up our suarez offer we would of done so by now, I have become very angry with my team abd I do not think I am the only one out there.

    • I do not believe you!! I say you are a liar !! Arsenal in the last 13 years have won the premier league and been runners up about 4 times,won the FA cup 4 times and been finalists twice,4 charity shields and been finalists in the Champions league and EUAFA cup all this in the time you say you have had a season ticket,this season the manager and board have said they intend to spend big to bring in top players and have made bids on a couple,this season Arsenal are once again fighting to win the Champions league,I am not an Arsenal fan pal but I can smell bullsh-t anywhere and you are full of it !!

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