Arsenal with another ‘Non-Serious’ Bid for Reds Star

Arsenal with another ‘Non-Serious’ Bid for Reds StarGuardian reports that Arsenal are to test Liverpool resolve with an improved bid of 35 million pounds for the Uruguayan Luis Suarez. However, in reality, this is Arsenal coming up with another ‘Non-Serious’ bid for Reds Star.
Yes, you read it right, non-serious, that is the most generous way to describe that bid. None of the supporters, may that be of Liverpool, Arsenal or neutrals believed that Gunners can actually lure one of the best players in the world for just £30 million (their first bid).
In fact, majority of the gunner fans believed that the club have gone to bid like that for Suarez just to tease Real Madrid and Higuain. Would love to hear what they have to say about the second £35 million bid. Is that for the same reason as well?
May be, just may be Arsenal are serious about signing the former Ajax talisman, however even now there is no point for the supporters to get excited as the mentioned amount will not convince Liverpool to sell their prized asset either.
Then why are Arsenal even coming up with that bid when the world knows the fact that it is going to be rejected straight away as well.
Liverpool have always claimed that they want to keep their superstar at Anfield but may have other ideas after his recent comments about the desire to leave merseyside.
No one is still sure about the asking price the Reds are looking for to sell Luis Suarez but perhaps the minimum reported is £40 million (Luis is worth more than that for sure). If Arsenal really want to bring Luis Suarez to Emirates then they should really think about coming up with a serious bid at first.
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Dusko Cakovic

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  1. Kanai says:

    May you should help them with the balance. Some of you just done appreciate anything. Are you liverpool’s mouth piece?

  2. Richard says:

    40m is just too much for him, arsen wenger can use dat money to buy two good players! Like fellani from everton like 25m and 15m for another good left back to replace sagna! If this is achieved B4 d season starts, then we are ready for d title contending. Or beter still bring back fabregas and sign the replacement of sagna.

  3. Danno says:

    No but I am,and your not even British so shut your f*cking trap.@ kanai…

  4. LP says:

    ‘Non-Serious’ ?
    35 million is serious enough, considering no one else has made a bid.
    Those parasites are Real Madrid will offer 25 million because they feel that the player is blessed to deserve their attention of even making an offer.

  5. Kevin Weaver says:

    I doubt if Liverpool will sell for £35m and Asenal don’t seem to know how to get deals done, sometimes you just have to pay the market rate. If Arsenal are truly serious (I doubt if they are) these silly offers are more likely to work against the deal than for it!

  6. jameel says:

    u are very stupid is it only british that hav the right to talk

  7. rowlie says:

    @ Danno it’s unfortunate that you choose to tell kanai how British you are and how he is not. Just so you know, arsenal fans are all over the world…….. I am American and I love arsenal.

  8. steve says:

    as a Liverpool fan I would just like to thank mr wenger, keep up the good work your doing a great job (honestly)

  9. £35million is a fair bid as we dont know what add ons and bonus’s are involved Suarez is very good player but he is not a Ronaldo or Bale and the later two players are consummate professionals and dont bring bags of controversy with them whoever buys him runs the risk of bringing bad press to the club,its a shame but its also a fact !!

  10. merkin says:

    Asking for a higher price than you actually want is a negotiating ploy. It would be silly for Liverpool to initially ask for less than they are willing to take for him.
    Likewise Arsenal is probably offering less than they are finally willing to pay for him.
    Saying that a £35 million bid is not a serious bid is a bit silly too. There have only been a few footballers sold for that price or more.
    Liverpool will get more for Luis if they can sell without him putting in a transfer request. If he does and he states that he will only go to Arsenal then Liverpool’s negotiating position is seriously eroded. This is what Arsenal is hoping will happen.
    All of this is assuming that Liverpool wants to sell him. They have him under contract for three more years and can force him to stay, if they are willing keep a dissatisfied and unhappy Luis Suarez that is. Considering how unstable a satisfied and happy Suarez has proven to be I don’t think that they are willing to take that chance.

    • steve says:

      bottom line is Liverpool want to keep him, he has 3 more years left on his contract, 40m will allow anyone to speak to him but don’t have to accept, suarez will not put in a transfer request, he can blab his little mouth of all he likes but it is Liverpool who will decide his future not him, fact

  11. merkin says:

    Liverpool’s position in all of this is rather straight forward, they have to get as much money for him as possible. For everyone else involved it is much more complicated.
    Suarez wants to go to Real Madrid. Real Madrid wants him. The problem is that Real Madrid doesn’t have the money to buy him. They must sell two or more players to raise the money to buy him.
    Arsenal has the money, they are the only team in the top flight to have made money and to be essentially debt free. They want to buy Higuain from Real Madrid. He is a better football fit for Arsenal than Suarez is Suarez is a fantastic player no doubt, but his conversion rate is low, shots taken per goal. Arsenal doesn’t want a 30 goal a year player, they want two 20 goal a year players and three 15 goal a year players. That will not happen with Suarez if he has to take more than a hundred shots to score his goals.
    What should be relatively straight forward for some reason isn’t. Real should sell Higuain to Arsenal and put that money toward them buying Suarez. But something is holding it up. Either Real is holding on to Higuain for fear that they won’t be able to replace him, to buy Suarez (or Bale) or Higuain is having second thoughts.

  12. Daburni says:

    Danno wht is wrong wt u, wht has british gat 2 do wt dis?

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