Arsenal Classic: When Nasri was Not a Bench Warmer

Arsenal Classic: When Nasri was Not a Bench WarmerToday we bring you, two classic strikes from French international Samir Nasri when he was playing for Arsenal. The former gunner left the Emirates two seasons ago to join the riches of Manchester City and since then he has mainly been a bench warmer for the sky blues.
Nevertheless, Nasri could not win a single title with Londoners and after moving to Manchester, the French star won his first ever premier league with the Citizens. In his first season with Manchester City, Nasri played 30 league games, started 26 and was substituted no less than 16 times.
Last year he played 28 league games, started 22 and was substituted 10 times. Adding to that, in 6 Champions League appearances he was taken off 4 times. Three FA Cup and one Community Shield game and as usual was substituted in all those as well.
Arsenal supporters hate him with passion these days, but there was a time when he was absolutely loved by the fans. These goals can explain why.

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  1. Ryan says:

    So Nasri started 26 of 38 league games, and then started 22 of 38 league games, and Nasri has ” mainly been a bench warmer”? You Arsenal fans have a funny picture of reality

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