Van Persie should just Zip up and Respect Arsenal

Van Persie should just Zip up and Respect ArsenalHaving completed his big money move to Manchester United, former Arsenal captain Robin van Persie must only focus on his current club and respect the one where he stayed 8 long years and became the superstar what he is right now.
The Dutchman won his first ever league title of career with the Red Devils and once again topped the goal scoring charts in the premiership. After all that wonderful time with gunners, what was the need to come up with an absurd statement that made absolutely no sense at all.
RvP claimed:

“It was difficult because it wasn’t only me who decided where I went to play,” he said. “It also depended on my former club as well and how they saw it. And then of course you always have these games that the directors play.”

Now, he talks about club’s involvement in transfer. He has no point there as the forward was under contract with Gunners and if Wenger wanted, he could have opted to keep van Persie and he had all the right to do that. Owned by Arsenal and they should not be involved in decision making right, baffling.
Arsene did let him go as business sense prevailed. Still, van Persie had a wonderful relation with the club, supporters, and the manager. The least he could do is respecting them.
Secondly, whether or not it was difficult, whether or not it was not only him deciding his future, does it really matter? No, because at the end of the day, van Persie got the move he wished for when he revealed the fact of little boy inside him eh.
According to him, United was the perfect choice, the Dutch striker stated:

“When I have to make tough decisions in my life I listen to the little boy inside me. That little boy was screaming ‘Manchester United”

Then, having got his dream move to Manchester United, having got exactly what he desired, why is he even complaining? perhaps he wants gunner supporters to hate him more. Therefore, Van Persie should just zip up about this issue and respect his former club Arsenal.
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  1. Ninjaq says:

    What an absolute c__t rvp has turned into, typical Manc

  2. sinethemba says:

    What a strong point why this RvP cnt jst zip up his mouth n focus on his current club coz in fact w dnt need him anymr n he soonly 4gt dat mr Wenger is the 1 who made him 2 b a superstar he is today

  3. Sani Turaki says:

    Van persie must respect Arsenal fans nd Wenger 4 his developmen nd being patient with him inspite of his injury period. He better shut his mouth if he has nothing possitive 2 say abt Arsenal.

  4. sylvanus ofekun says:

    I wonder why the young boy inside have not reminded of those bad days when the club and fans stood by him.should I be quick to criticize the integrity of that little boy?

  5. laderine says:

    Rvp should shut his mouth & focus on his present club… Plus Wenger & the board should make big signings to prevent all these insults..

  6. jonas says:

    Yes van persie shuld remb.Arsenal made him who heis

  7. Larry says:

    I have said it before that people forget so quick who gave them food yesterday. that is the case with RVP he has forgotten what Arsenal, Mr. Wenger and we the fans did for him while he was being injured now and then. He has developed now and gotten over his injury cases and starts running his mouth. why can you learn from Fabregas and just zip up if you dont have anything positive to say about Arsenal.

  8. Lucky osime says:

    U notin but arsnals fans u guys ar absolutly mad 4 ur comment towards rvp ar u guys jealous,trophless piple .wow up rvp

    • mike says:

      You need to learn to spell before you start running your mouth, especially when you obviously have no clue about a club who showed faith in an injury prone player when no other club would’ve given him the time of day. As somebody has already pointed out, it’s funny how van purse strings starts running his gob once joining manky united, something about that club and players all of a sudden thinking they’re all the big men, laughable really. They are certainly special and I don’t mean that in a good way either.

    • LOOPS G says:

      take ur head out of rvp’s ass, u cnt see properly, At least the trophies we do have, no matter how old, dont stink of dirty dirty arab oil.
      rvp turned into a typical hipacryte. if rooney leaves for chelski nd scores a winner against wank u,
      then u will know!

  9. dagma says:

    Hi friends, Leave RVP alone, he is going the way of Adebayo and Na$ri. He is confused now especially after Sr AF resignation. He didn’t knew and he started realizing that he made a great mistake to abandon The Gunners which is i great tranformationgoing back to it invisible. True AFC is going there records proves from the last 12 matches which ASF didi not lose by wining 10 matches and drew 2, which team in CL have done it, even Man U haven’t dome. In fact RVP was not the man to spat AFS board including Wenger on their faces if i could remember how they favoured him during his 7 year of injuries bed rest.

  10. pilate sibanda says:

    Van Persie should thank Asernal for what he is today. he spent almost 7 yrs in sugeries, injured, being nursed and the club never abandoned him and only sparkled for one season. He forget all these things Asernal did for him

  11. obadiah says:

    RVP shld respect gunners and face his front,he will soon be face out he shld wait and see arsenal this season is turning to be a wayward like Adebayor & nasri.up gunners.we will not be distracted.

  12. Barr. Henry says:

    It is quit unfortunate dat vp is d one evry fan liks , and believe me some of d arsenal fanz stil love.. He shld nt abuse his elevators.

  13. Jetsenal says:

    Van Persie is a goat,let him zip up is mouth,cos he said the kid in him was crying United before he made the move.Since he’s gone and not an Arsenal player anymore,let him mind what happens at united.Why the kid in him stop crying now?Let that kid in him cry and remind him that is not an Arsenal player anymore..Let him go to hell…….Gooner4life

  14. LOOPS G says:

    lucky osime, had rvp moved to italy or anywhere else but epl, he would still be respected and would probably still respect “ALL GUNNERS” Had he stayed at ARSENAL, wank u, would of finished out of champs league and Arsenal would of been right up there fighting for the title if not winning it by the same margain wank u did. rvp is the exact same as nasri, cashley cole, adebayo.etc… could of been a legend at Arsenal, but decided to chase the cash. rvp dont have the time to become a legend at his current cash splashers. he never will be! ! ! rvp is now a rival,a villain and must enjoy his medal, its the last he will ever have! but wait fergie is gone now, and change is imenent….no manager can do for united what fergie did. as for trophies,all of wank u’s trophies smell of oil, Gunners are back! And have the best, longest serving,experienced, GENIUS manager. IN WENGER WE TRUST ! ! ! RISE ARSENAL RISE! T R O P H Y TIME ! ! ! !

  15. LOOPS G says:

    he should of showed the same loyalty AFC showed him,He should thank AFC for every thing they did for him including being loyal, having faith in him and making him the talisman hot shot he is today! He forgets very quickly who made him what he is today WENGER ! ! ! ! !

  16. Flo says:

    Ha ha let dis cunt talk while it last even nasri did da same last season!

  17. Dzine says:

    LOL @ bitter gooners…face it RVP is happy,he’s realised what a big club actually is..#20

  18. Simon peter says:

    Rvp sh’d look were he is frm an start turning his back to his former club.if am not mistaken Rvp was one of da most respective play in arsenal compair to other players.he sh’d leave by example like those of Henry,fabrigas&Viera

  19. yibeltal amsalu says:

    Fuc that little bitch inside;he should remind him of what arsenal have done for both of’em everytime vappussy scores for moan utd!

  20. samuel says:

    RVP is an ingrate to Arsenal, after we keep him for 8years with injury. Now he new Arsenal was not good for him to play, where was RVP when Fabregas and Nasri was there and why has he not be playing during there time if Arsenal will not win that tittle for long before going to United

  21. odilians says:

    am not surprise dat is d price WENGER gets 4 been loyal 2 his players and most especially an ingrate player of van persie’s calibre whom 4 seven gud years he was always on d injury table and he has also 4gotten au d PROF stood by him, mind u gunners fans koi is also going d way of van persie 4 playing 10 matches with out loosing, this players are just selfish.

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