The Day LFC fans thought Carroll might be Worth £35 Million

The Day LFC fans thought Carroll might be Worth £35 MillionThe transfer saga surrounding British record signing Andy Carroll has finally come to an end. Liverpool have a vacant number 9 shirt now as the Big Geordie will play for West Ham next season. The sale will surely act as a transfer boost for Rodgers who can spend the cash to further reinforce squad.
It was always going to be the case of hoping against hope that Andy Carroll will prove his worth as a 35 million pounds striker because Liverpool never played direct style of football. In any case, Brendan was right saying that a 35 million player should fit into any system but it was not the case with Andy.
Having lost their favorite striker and goal scoring machine Fernando Torres, Liverpool fans surely had high expectations from their new number 9 Carroll especially after the amount paid for him. Perhaps early on after his transfer there was only one day where LFC fans thought that Carroll might be worth £35 Million. That night against the riches of Manchester City.

Carroll scored two great goals in first half and literally bullied City’s defense which was usually solid under Mancini and had highest number of clean sheets as well. The first one was a cracker from 25 yards.
Play to his strengths and Carroll is one of the hardest forwards to deal with in the premier league. The second goal shows exactly that, it was all about what Andy Carroll is famous for. Aerial ability, strength and the sublime header to leave Joe Hart helpless.

Carroll’s Liverpool time ends in perhaps a way he never wanted but it is better for all the concerned parties to progress. For those who claim he never got a fair chance are completely wrong. Andy could only score 11 goals in 58 appearances for the reds, an awful stat that clearly shows he flopped at Merseyside.
Nevertheless, Big Sam needs Andy Carroll and perhaps Carroll needs West Ham as well. Hammers’s entire setup is built around the Big Geordie and that might be the best place for him to perform and earn his place in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.
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  1. michael says:

    Think Liverpool have wasted him. He is an England stiker after all bet he ends up teaming up with Sturridge for England now. Rogers just don’t want to play hammer it up high style. However I think Carroll is a better striker than that he holds up the ball well..

  2. Joe says:

    I for one have never rated “Big Sam” as a manager. He honestly believes he’s one of the top managers in the world. I think this could be the mistake that ends his career at the Hammers. This would add to a number of failures for a fat boring old man with a “Big Sam” ego.

  3. Dan says:

    Not sure the majority would agree with you. I for one never thought he would be worth that value, the maximum price is what west ham have paid and no more. In fact after seeing his total return for the club against what DS has achieved I wouldn’t have even paid 10 million for him. He fits wet hams style but an overall layout of 46m inc wages sounds like too big a risk

  4. bluemoon70 says:

    Andy Carroll will always be overrated since he’s English. That being said, I think he’ll have a good, not great, career. Think Peter Crouch.

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