Liverpool Set their Sights on Third Signing Already

Liverpool Set their Sights on Third Signing AlreadyBrendan Rodgers finished his first premier league season with Reds in 7th place but having implemented his methods, he prepares for perhaps the most important season of his career and wants everything to be perfectly set before the start of new season.
The international transfer market starts on July 1 but Liverpool have already agreed deal to sign two players, Kolo Toure on bosman from Manchester City and have all but sealed the deal to lure Iago Aspas of Celta Vigo for 8 million. Adding to that, now Liverpool set their sights on third signing.
Like every season, the reds have been linked with a host of quality players. Manager Brendan Rodgers has acted swiftly in the market to make sure he can bring his preferred players to Anfield and will continue to do that.
Rodgers knows that next season may as well make or break his career with Liverpool football club and he wants to go into next season well prepared having secured all the signings as early as possible.
The Reds are reportedly after wide players and the likes of Ince, Tello etc are linked but Aspas is also more than capable of playing in that position and if Luis Suarez stays then the Reds main focus should be on signing a defender next.
Although, Liverpool have signed a veteran defender in Ivorian Toure but surely that is just a short term solution and not a move made to replace the retired legendary defender Jamie Carragher.
Yes, Reds were able to keep many clean sheets last season but their overall defensive record was torrid. Without the inconsistency in the defensive department, Liverpool  would have finished the season higher in the premier league and that is something Rodgers has to fix.
Numerous defenders are linked with Liverpool and lately Kyriakos Papadopoulos and Tiago Ilori are the two names in the limelight.
Reports suggest that Liverpool have agreed a deal to lure the 20 year old Sporting defender Ilori who featurde in 20 league games last season. The way Liverpool are dealing in the transfer market, you just never know that move might happen as well.
Nevertheless, if Rodgers can produce masterstroke by signing productive stars for cheap like he did in the winter transfer season by luring Coutinho and Sturridge then Liverpool may as well finally qualify for the Champions league after waiting for 5 long years.
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  1. Aminu says:

    I’m a lvpl fan my advice is if u BR want to buy boys just go and buy us young talent like wolcot. Tello.tom ince

  2. bj says:

    Hope lfc get it right this time.

  3. Lfc malaysian says:

    BR. ..pls get Cristian Ericsen & Toby. ..two best player of Ajax. .for striker is Negredo or Cristian Benteke. …pls pls

  4. BR be carefull not to make mistake go out for the right once pls

  5. Zanz Kedah says:

    Hopes next season LFC will get the best of season and can achive higher level.This season if LFC can get sign Iago Aspas,Gonzalo Higuin (replacement Luis Suarez),Mario Gomez for new striker.Maybe we can forget Fabio Borini service next season.New Winger Christian Tello and Eriksen…wooww!!! Attacker Midfielder for Henrikh Mkhitaryan.Centre back Kolo Toure ( can guide young players at LFC) and Tiago Ilori + Kryiakos Papadoulos…. we have strong team and can deliver UCL and some trophy next season.

  6. If BR loses his job next season, i will put de blame on players and may be fsg’s shallow mind on football,he is the right young committed & determined coach ,there is no way Lfc will get back 2 their glorius years without investing in such a project

  7. vikash choony says:

    BR should look at some promising youngsters in Argentina . The likes of MANUEL LANZINI & JUAN MANUEL ITURBE ,both of RIVER PLATE and SERGI ARAUJO of BOCA JUNIOR ,currently on loan at BARCELONA ,will adapt rapidly to BR’s method and will provide depth to LFC squad .

  8. Mirlie says:

    If lvp want to b in top4 they must stop concentrate on young players only

  9. gboy says:

    At the moment every body is behind br, however fsg should give him double the sum of money to spend in the transfermarket. brhas proven already thecontrary to his predesessors that he does his home work before purchasingplayers. Suarez, as much as i wanna keep him, shud be sold if he wanna go. maybe that could could add to the teams balance in playing sturrige upfront and midfielders in support. it has been shiwn in thelast 4 games. even if we dontwjn against the top 4, we haveshown to bemore clinical in winning the minnows, which was our problem in drawing too many games.

  10. Akinnuoye says:

    BR Should try to sign papadopolouse nd one versatile midfilder, so kop may challenge more than top four next season

  11. Cephjoe simwanza says:

    Next season we can qualify becoz we are moving fast in the transfers and thats good. A new attacking mid, two wingers, holding mid, and a CM mid and two CB backs then we are in the champs league.

  12. Abdul-Hafiz says:

    BR should search in the market for defenders as well as goal keeper. that will have raise liverpool into top 4 next seas

  13. dawit mesfin says:

    why you buy teenagers please investgate for big players like tevez,isco,arda turan,fuck u rodgers

  14. okechukwu chima says:

    spend big money on quality players nd u get big results. Fsg b warned! Support rodgers financialy for better results com next season. Thnks for d signings already, hoping to c eriksen, mkhityran,papadopulous,nd luis muriel for a fearful liverpul team.

  15. paul says:

    we should look at buying diame he is strong, fast box 2 box player and a better tackler than lucas not saying i dnt like lucas but just think diame is better

  16. aa says:

    reina 10
    skrtel 15
    allen 8
    borini 8
    downing 12
    carroll 15
    assaidi 4
    coates 5
    leiva 15
    toure free
    aspas 8
    ilori 6
    eriksen 18
    mkhityan 22
    wanyama 12

  17. Dick says:

    Br pls keep LS7 for me he changes game notwithstandin the controvecies. Bef our rigth foot back johnson sometimes dissappoint n holding midfielder backup keeper n see results

  18. duku edward says:

    BR has done the right purchase but shd include eriksen,henrik,llori n keeper this will make lfc regain her glory.

  19. Chai says:

    I find it baffling that some so-called die hard Liverpool fans are proposing wholesale changes, literally changing 70% of our first team players, drawing out lists of players in and out with arbitrary numbers to justify how realistic they are. Firstly, it disrupts the whole team and we will end up with another mediocre finish while claiming transition again. Secondly, as Liverpool fans we place value on our players much higher than other players, just like any other fan with their own team. Thirdly, it is wishful thinking if you believe we can get for the price you stated. We are not in a position to go into a bidding war with the sheikh / Russian tycoon backed clubs. Lastly, highly sought after players demand higher wages, why play for us for 50k a week when he can join another who pays 150k?

  20. Gmarrus says:

    I just hope we lure mainly our targets & finish @ the summit 4 next season.

  21. Craig says:

    I’ve watch tello live worse player on the pitch

  22. willie says:

    Think BR should focus on two key areas, and thats defending and goal keeping. Coz those 2 areas were responsible for us not getting in top 4

  23. Renz says:

    Summer Transfer Budget ~ 80 M
    [20M (Owners) +(15M (Carroll) +(45M (Suarez) + Skrtel (10M) ]
    (CB) Papadopoulos – A very good young defender (~20 Mil)
    (RW) Mkhitaryan – A very good young RW who can play as CAM also (~20 Mil)
    (ST) – Benteke – A promising striker with a clinical finish – much needed. (~25M)
    Done Deals:
    (CB) Toure (free)
    (FW) Aspas (~8M)

    • Leigh says:

      Carroll, Suarez and Skrtel need to be sold. And Benteke, Papadopolous and Mkhitaryan need to be the 3 priority signings.
      Tevez/Gomes if available for as little as rumoured (below 10m) then one of the pair is also a must.
      If we have any money left over it should go on securing Eriksen from Ajax.
      Johnson – Papadopolous – Agger – Enrique.
      Gerrard – Lucas – Eriksen.
      Mkhitaryan – Coutinho
      Further options whp deserve plenty of game time: Kelly, Gomes/Tevez, Toure, Sterling, Henderson, Allen, Wisdom, Sturridge and Aspas.
      If we keep Suarez then we don’t need to sign Benteke.

  24. Benedict says:

    BR, should try and sign Christian Eriksen of Ajax and Benteke of Aston Villa at all cost.. I see these two players as assets who can rilly push liverpool to top four. Again, liverpool needs matured players who has winning mentality and strength. These set of small boys that Brenden Rogers are buying, they are good , but there is an extend they can go on the field in terms os strength, mature and winning mentality…

  25. pijiewank says:

    Pls get defensive midfielder also.. Need a strong player like alonso before..

  26. Emma says:

    pls brendan get us these players: papaduopolos, mkhitayan, eriksen. tanx

  27. Ray says:

    Buy Sakho (DC), Lamela (AMR). Aubameyang/Gomez/Benteke (FC) and Erikssen ( AMC/Playmaker ).
    Definitely a top 4 next season!

  28. jack f says:

    3 additions already if aspas sign. sell suarez the troublemaker. new keeper. new cb. new midfielder and we might just be there providing the youngsters continue coming throug. i get more and more happy, that BR is in charge

  29. D . MOSES says:

    Plc br keep suarez & buy c. erikson 4rom ajak plus 2 defenders & we shall make it 2 the CH L next season.

    • Pliz BR keep Suarez don’t sell him he’s our goal gater any body advising BR to sell Suarez is a fool. Guyz you learn to appreciate, BR jst buy those other players they ar talking about and leave Suarez alone

  30. victor says:

    Pls i tink liverpool need a goalkeeper

  31. Chidi nwafor says:

    Br is doing a nice job but now shuld go for a defender and a goalkeeper,also give sketal some chance

  32. stan howard says:

    We already have a great young player but the coaches are messing him about – Texiera should be played in his right position – running the midfield – if they dont ruin him or dishearten him he will be a star – as early as this season. are they all daft.

  33. Nwosu ifedili says:

    Borini downing shelvey and lucas leiva should leave liverpool dis summer

  34. Stan says:

    What is this…. LFC have no Champions League in fact no European football at all.. So 38 games plus few cup games. Why do people think that Huguain , Gonez or Eriikssen will swap top football for this .. Juve, AC Milan, City or even PSG will hoover them up.
    LFC are a big name club currently swimming in mid table .. Suarez leaves and will difficult to recruite top talent to come in. Notice recent signings are either young talent or older freebies.

  35. Joe Allen, Carroll, Assaidi, Fabio Borin and Coates can leave Liverpool not Downing, Raheem, Suarez, Jonjo or Lucas

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