“Liverpool are very Interested” Deal Close?

“Liverpool are very Interested” Deal Close?Having already agreed deals for Manchester City defender Kolo Toure and Celta Vigo forward Iago Aspas, Liverpool may as well be close to sealing their third deal. The player in discussion is Sevilla youngster Luis Alberto. The player’s agent himself claimed that Liverpool are very interested.
The Reds have reportedly offered 6 million euros to hire the services of Spanish international who played his last season on loan for Barcelona B side and was quite impressive. However, Sevilla want at least 9 million for their 20 year old forward.
Luis Alberto’s agent claimed:

“Reports about Liverpool’s interest are true, they are very interested.”
“The important thing is that there is willingness on the part of Liverpool and Sevilla to understand.”
“If there is a good deal, we will reach an agreement. Sevilla is aware of the intentions of Liverpool”

If Rodgers do really want Luis Alberto at Liverpool, then expect the reds to pay the required amount and sign him. For now, the merseysiders are perhaps favorites for being the only one interested in luring the player and must act swiftly before other suitors turn up as well.
Liverpool already have a host of attacking players and the youngsters like Sterling and Suso should be given the chance next season as the talent is inevitable. However, Rodgers is likely to add Luis Alberto amongst the youth as well but will he start, only time will tell.
For now, the two clubs are in negotiations. Whether or not Luis Alberto will be a Liverpool player come next season. We shall have the answer soon.
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  1. TRUTGH says:

    IAN AYRE will mess this one too, he has to go – He Is Total Incompetent and lacks any kind of charisma – GO

  2. Gmarrus says:

    Hope we won’t miss out on this too.

  3. SuaRed says:

    Apart from the Clint Dempsey transfer name a deal that Ayres had ‘messed up’? And I suppose he get no credit for the impressive signings of Sturrudge and Coutinho go £20m?
    The Aspas deal will happen its just paperwork!
    Some people need to stop reading poor articles and formulate a balanced opinion! Too busy moaning about everything and want continual changes. Liverpool are as stable now as they’ve ever been! Stop trying to rock the boat.

  4. David says:

    Are you for real Ian Ayer is doin a fine job deals that are better for the club instead of the players brought in performance related pay structure look how that worked with Suarez downing Henderson plus got coutinho for a steal at 8 million some fans just never happy we left it to late last year ye big mistake but hasn’t he learned his lesson as soon as transfer window opens officially a host of new talent b in the door YNWA

  5. Chidi Nwafor says:

    SuaRed thanks for your observation and advice to some hypocrite that calls themselves Reds fan,how some talk about anything he saw on net,there many wrong informations on the net this days

  6. Tinker's Cuss says:

    To my mind Ayre is doing a GOOD job. It is already clear – much earlier than previous season’s who are our main targets. They are all good prospects, and I am much more confident than previously that LFC will e ale to get them at competitive / fair rates. Let’s just see what is the full story on the Aspas deal before judging. As others have said he was instrumental in the Sturridge and Coutinho deals. The future is bright – the future is RED – YNWA

  7. Steven Mrema says:

    This boy plus coutinho will be amazing

  8. RedRooster says:

    Listen guys I am one of only a handful of people who backed Bredan last year and I think he is doing a fine job, infact if he’d been at the helm when we spent stupid money we did when kenny was here this season might have been pushing to challenge, this summer so far we have signed Toure,Aspas and if we then continue to sign who we have been linked with then this will be a excellent transfer window
    Mkhitaryan,Luis Alberto,Papadoblus or Alderweireld, Pizon on loan from Chelsea and Mignolet then we have a real young but classy looking team to look forward to next season.
    The future is bright the future is red

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