AVB must Learn from Chelsea Experience and Stay with Spurs

AVB must Learn from Chelsea Experience and Stay with SpursAndre Villas Boas is reportedly wanted by French giants Paris-Saint Germain to replace Carlo Ancelotti. The young Portuguese manager has had a successful career so far but his habit of jumping ship rapidly has not always helped him.
AVB is widely regarded as “mini Mouriho” but the main difference between both managers is that Mourinho followed a steady path to success whereas Andre Villas Boas has been in some sort of hurry. For Now AVB must learn from Chelsea experience and stay with Spurs.
After saving Academica from relegation in 2010, AVB joined Porto where he got immense success. Having won the treble in his first season in charge, Villas Boas should have stayed with the club to learn more, play Champions League and then perhaps should have decided to step up.
However, Chelsea came calling with their big money and he could not resist. He knew everything about how even the best of managers have got the sack thanks to Abramovich but Villas Boas was too tempted to leave that opportunity and hence joined Blues. The overage squad, the pressure was too much for him and Boas eventually underperformed and got the sack in March 2012.
Contrary to that, Jose Mourinho spent three successful years at Porto leading them to both UEFA Cup and Champions league success. Jose established himself as a top manager and then moved to Chelsea.
Tottenham made a bold move to sign Villas Boas last summer. Although Spurs failed to achieve their main goal of finishing in top 4 but in his first season AVB did a great job at White Hart Lane. He lead Spurs to 72 point tally, their highest in the premier league era.
Now that he has implemented his methods successfully, AVB surely has unfinished business with the club. If he leaves and signs for PSG, a team with big stars and the likes of Ibrahomovic, the scenario will be somewhat similar to what he faced at Chelsea and the chances of failure will be similar as well. That may inevitably be another step backwards in his career.
Andre Villas Boas needs Spurs as much as Spurs need him in charge for both to progress. Whether or not he will be Tottenham’s manager next season, we shall know the answer soon.
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