Arsenal Legend doesn’t really want two World Class players

Arsenal Legend doesn’t really want two World Class playersGunners are eager to sign a top quality striker this summer, someone who could at least score 20 odd goals in the league as they have badly missed one after the departure of Dutch forward Robin van Persie.
Lately, Arsenal have been linked with two top quality forwards i.e. Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney and Real Madrid’s Gonzalo Higuain. However, one Arsenal legend does not really want these two world class players at the Emirates next season. The legend in discussion is Tony Adams who is unsure about both players.
Higuain has been heavily linked with gunners and recently reports actually suggest that they are very close to signing him. Higuain is one of the best finishers around and someone that Arsenal badly need, still Tony Adams has other ideas as he claims:

 “My fear is that if Real don’t want him, you are coming in under that”
“If you want to compete with Real Madrid, you don’t get their cast-offs. You need the best players in the league to win the league.”

The Argentine has one of the best conversion rate and a prolific record with Los Blancos. Higuain started 19 league games for Mourinho’s side and scored 16 goals last season. Baffling that Tony Adams does not want him.
If that was not enough then the same Arsenal legend has today stated that even Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney might not be a good signing for the Londoners. Understandable that his record for England is not that good, but for United he has been one of the most important players. Yet Tony Adams thinks:

 “I’m not sure Wayne Rooney could handle London.That would be a massive risk for me. I don’t think it’s a question of finances, it’s his temperament and mentality. London is a different animal. It takes a different type of player to handle it.”

Adams did claim that Rooney is a super player then why does he not want him. Although, the move is highly unlikely yet the former Evertonian will vastly improve any side he signs for.
Tony Adams has his own ideas based more on his own intuition and less based on facts as both are arguably top players at the peak of their careers and any squad will benefit having them in the side.

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Dusko Cakovic

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  1. Pst joe says:

    Tony should pick a job as a coach and deliever and stop critisizing everytin. Talk is cheap.

  2. Big D says:

    Im fairly sure that there have been a couple of “cast-offs” (snieder & robben) that have left Real and gone on to do better things ie win the chanpions league or do the treble. So im not sure how value Adams point is! Arsenal need world-class winners and both the players mentioned in the article have won cups and leagues. Maybe we should as Adams who he would sign instead and whether they have as food as records as Higuian and Rooney.

  3. Red Rupert says:

    Lol – you needn’t worry Mr Donkey. Chance would be a fine thing. You’ve as much chance of getting Rooney as we have getting Messi. Have another drink and get back in your box. It takes a special player to play in London? Is that why it took London clubs over half a century to win a European Cup and that from a team who weren’t challenging for the title and was bought with oil money. Clown.

  4. DAVE says:

    Yes Tony Adams is an Arsenal great , however the old donkey , now sounds like a carthorse in a china shop. just as the club appear to be turning things round, is not the time for Adams involvement .this could prove a disaster ……the old phone tappers would have a bloody field day , ever win put down to Tony ,every loss to Wenger you get the picture ….. this is a mirror image of Kenny at Liverpool . Tony Adams has plenty to say but just as with old Mrs Robson , what the hell has he done of note off the field ??????? YES he may well love the Club, but he now needs to start putting brains before brawn . or has he started back on the bottle ????? good luck all for the up coming season ..

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