Arsenal to Repeat the Same Mistake Again

Arsenal to Repeat the Same Mistake AgainArsenal have reportedly agreed terms with Swansea over the transfer of defender Ashley Williams. While Gunners may soon lure Swans captain but on the other hand they are to repeat the same mistake again by looking to sell their own captain Thomas Vermaelen.
We all know Arsenal are renowned for selling stars and that habit of selling captains every other season is baffling. In 2011, they sold then club captain Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona, sold star striker Robin van Persie to United in 2012 and are about to ship third captain out in as many seasons by getting rid of Vermaelen.
One cannot deny that TV5 has played far below his usual standards this season and deserved to be benched. Koscielny and Mertesacker have been better than Arsenal captain who was way too inconsistent.
Although there have been no firm reports that Vermaelen is linked elsewhere but the arrival of Williams points towards his exit as the other two gunner defenders mentioned have been impressive for the club last season. Yes Vermaelen played bad but does he deserve the axe?
One bad season, that is all, just one bad season for the gunners and his future lies elsewhere? Not even a single eyebrow was raised when the Belgian defender was handed the captain’s armband, why, because he earned it through fantastic performances for the club since joining them in 2009.
Wenger wants the side to compete for the title next season and reinforcing the squad is inevitable as Arsenal look to spend big this time around in the transfer market. However, they signed a few players last summer as well, the difference, they sold a key star.
It will be a crime to say that Vermaelen is by no means a key star now just because he was not at his best last season. For worst, if another premier league club somehow comes up for him and Arsenal sell him for mere business sense, you never know they might just be ruing the decision again as the Belgian is still a quality defender.
Arsene Wenger must realize this soon enough and must not sell club captain again. Vermaelen will come stronger next season knowing he has to step up with a lot of competition in the side. That will inevitably be good for Arsenal as well having quality depth.
For now nothing can be said for sure about his departure. Given Arsenal’s transfer record over the years, if it remains the same again then expect Vermaelen to depart soon.
In your opinion, Should Arsenal sell Thomas Vermaelen?
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  1. Yahis says:

    Cannot agree more i just hope the fans are not fooled again by signing players after just selling

    • Meek says:

      Why should Arsene Wenger sell Vermalen?then Wenger does not DESERVE to be a coach at all.bcos Vermalen did not perform for a season.let ask ourselves then,what is Ramsey doing in arsenal then.

  2. stephen says:

    first of Williams is not coming to arsenal and even if he did it would to replace the squid and not vermaelen he has said that he will be back strong next season and fight for his place nuff said.

  3. I think you are being to presumptuous by stating such a thing. Can you do a better job that AW himself? I don’t it! Besides, you don’t realize how good Ashley Williams it. It is a foolish thing to compare one player with another and AW is up to the task because of his experience!


      it’s actually u who doesn’t know what u are trying to talk about bse verminator has already done it at both national
      en club level. And on the other hand when will AW learn his mistakes?.

  4. tristan says:

    Arsenal would be extremely stupid to sell TV5 because of 1 inconsistent season…plus with Djourou on his way out (hopefully) are we going to be short staffed again? We all know that AW would never have considered him for captain if he wasn’t worth his weight…and I totally agree with the challenge to “Perform or get Dropped”….not even the captain should be exempt from that. We need depth in the squad and to sell key players at this point makes no sense…otherwise this is going to be another trophyless season

  5. waiyuen leong says:

    Arsenal should give some time for Vermaelen to come back in form just like some of the players that were benched and played well after a lean spell. Arsenal should not be so calculative with monetary figures by selling their captains all the seasons. Arsene Wenger does not have experienced reserved players should some regular players get injured. As it is, Vela is also an excellent player for reasons that he did not want to come back to Arsenal for not much playing time to gain the necessary experience.

  6. Rafi says:

    why do you media guys always think if a club wants to buy a new player, then player X in that position will be sold?

  7. duyduy says:

    I agree absolutely with Topic. Verminator played not well in the latest season , but he still has a lot of high skills that needs to have with a central defender : speed , strength , tackles , calm .
    In my opinion , Verminator needs some calm to look back the season and I always believe that he will get some issue to improve himself ( also can say that : find himself ) in the next season .
    He is a good defender and I think Arsenal fan over the world almost don’t like to see him go away !
    We love V5 !

  8. Cazorlasteyn says:

    Give Verminator achance next season he’s a good player who deserve a place in our current squad.

  9. Dr.Mwesigwa D says:

    Our Verminator should not by any means be sold unless we want to make it a custom of feeding other clubs with our cream! I personally don’t agree that our new target defender is better the verminator; any player can lose form, whatever category he is assigned; review Messy’s recent championship performance after a slight knock! the verminator is one of the biggest assets Arsene and Arsenal have in our squad, more so since he can be utilized as a left back and even so as a defensive midfielder. So Mr. Wenger don’t try to test our wrath again as “the Fans”, remember the chance to keep the steering you still possess that was lost by your colleagues managing the top teams in EPl

  10. Joe ubi says:

    Pls pls pls on whonted history suid not repeat itself, i beg of u mr wenger.

  11. Skava says:

    Pure speculation…

  12. Vitalis says:

    Vermalin is not going anywhere. We are tired of having club captains sold every season. Arsenal needs healthy competitions in all the positions. For example what happened in goal keeping department, it brought out the best in our two polish keepers. We need to reinforce not to sell our good players. There are dead woods to be taken care of not quality players like verminator.

  13. Gwin says:

    This article is misleading because TV5 is not tranfer-listed. If Arsenal is going for Ashley Williams, it is because we want to build on the success of the defence in the last 11 epl maches and compete next season.
    Also, squillacy and Djouru are leaving and there is need to replace them with someone with more quality. This way the fans won’t start fidgeting any time there is suspension or injury in the central defence. As for TV5, he would return stronger next season.

  14. Kelvinlazzy says:

    He is just too good to let go, less watch him next season if he is of age we shall knw, but i believe in his combination wit kolsieny than that of mast. though mast has expirience bt knw strength like vam so we will need him at arsenal. WE PRAY 4 BETTER FORM NEXT SEASON.

  15. Kelvinlazzy says:

    He is just too good to let go, less watch him next season if he is of age we shall know, but i believe in his combination wit kolsieny than that of mast. though mast has expirience bt know strength like vam so we will need him at arsenal. WE PRAY 4 BETTER FORM NEXT SEASON.

  16. Hope says:

    Arsenal have got lots of players to sell and TV% should be the least. There is Arshavin, Djourou, Squillaci, Diaby, these players are to be sold first cause they wastes the club as we keep servicing them but not utilizing them. When they are all offloaded, Wenger should bring back Miyachi from loan, and then add one or two more, then build the team around people who can deliver as we need able people on the bench and not considering selling off VT5 who is still useful.

  17. Oguntuase Amos says:

    What a stupid write up. Even if Vermalen is listed for sale, do you have to blame or abuse Wenger? Were you not the same people calling for the head of Vermalen because of few poor performances. Even now the idea of the player being sold is only at the imagination of these stupid, violent, abusive and rumor peddling fans and yet they have started abusing Wenger. This is very unfair and ungodly. Enough is enough.

  18. Thomas says:

    Come on the average signings…new off season, still same transfer policy. Average players at decent price.

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