Double Delight for Liverpool Fans If All Goes According to Plan

Double Delight for Liverpool Fans If All Goes According to PlanOver the past few days there have been major transfer rumors relating to Liverpool football club. Firstly, it is highly likely that legendary Xabi Alonso may return to Anfield in summer and secondly Suarez has brushed aside rumors linking him elsewhere.
Surely it will be a double delight for Liverpool fans if all goes according to plan and Liverpool somehow have both of these stars come next summer. The Reds signed Xabi Alonso in 2004 under the management of Rafael Benitez and he was one of the stars in the side during his tenure at the Merseyside.
His departure has perhaps left a gap that has not yet been filled. Liverpool fans badly miss a midfielder who can distribute the ball with his sublime passing and control the midfield as effectively as Alonso used to do. Many have come and gone but none has yet replaced him.
Rafa bought Aquilani to replace Alonso but the injury prone Italian perhaps never got a fair chance at Liverpool after Benitez left the club in 2010. Hodgson bought Poulsen, Dalglish bought Charlie Adam but none showed any signs of coming even near the pass magician Alonso.
Even Brendan Rodgers has his favorite in Joe Allen but after a bright start, Allen has been in poor form and now injured for the rest of the season. Reports suggest that Alonso may not extend his Madrid contract and will be heading back to Liverpool much to the delight of the Anfield faithful.
On the other hand, Liverpool’s main talisman Luis Suarez was heavily linked elsewhere after an interview had the Reds supporters worried. The premier league top scorer has been the main source of troubling defenses and is a class apart. Surely losing him would be a disaster for the reds as he is the key hope if Liverpool are to get back in the Champions League.
Fortunately, the striker himself came up and cleared any remaining doubts about his future at the club by claiming that his words were twisted and he has no plans of leaving Liverpool this summer.
Having said that, a star like Suarez deserves to play champions league football and Liverpool must reinforce this summer to make his dream come true. If Liverpool can have these two starlets in summer, then there is no doubt that we can expect the Reds to fight for top prizes next season.
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  1. Lakima says:

    Liverpool will have both and Alonso has a game that he can play at the top level for years to come regardless of his age

  2. Claire Laskowski says:

    Best news all month. Heck, best news in years!

    • Kidane zimechael says:

      What a good news,now liverpool can get even stronger than the one’s who seems strong and I always remember Alonso’s two goals over Ac milan,2005 and Newcastel.

  3. martin kelly says:

    To have a Alonso back would be brilliant, he should never have been sold in the first place. Also great to see Suarez has come out and once again allayed any fear the supporters had after the Uruguayan press misquoted him in a recent interview, It is getting ridiculous the amount of times the lad has to correct the lies of the press, not just in his home country but all over the world, it seems like any time he say’s anything at all they say he is about to leave Liverpool. I needs to stop……now!!!

  4. gill says:

    Alonso is a fantastic midfeilder. His passing across the field from one corner ti another corner is very accurate. His short passing is also very accurate. Wingers and strikers benefit from his accurate passing skills. No midfeilder in the present LFC team can compete with him. He is a commander in chief in the centre if the field.
    He also tackles well. Hope he join us.

  5. Odele says:

    It will be great news

  6. Bala Joseph says:

    Alonso coming back is not going to happen.

    • fuwee says:

      Nice to have Alonso but it’s a long shot. FSG is not Russian or Arab or Malaysian for that matter. Let’s hope they show some passion in keeping Suarez, bringing in Alonso, replacing 3 defenders and 1 striker. Mousa Sow or Benteke. Selling Borini, Allen and even Sterling for a good price.Givena choice I’d replace Downing too. Too predictable a player Raheem is. Pace is all he has . Ibe taking his spot. Another atheletic defensive midfielder would make the REDs redhot and feared. Wishful realistic thinking.

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