Guardiola Will Have Other Ideas Than What Beckenbauer Thinks

Why Guardiola Will Have Other Ideas Despite Beckenbauer CommentsGerman legend Franz Beckenbauer came up with an overly confident statement that Bayern Munich does not really need to sign a top quality player. The former Bayern star was mainly pointing towards Borussia Dortmund striker Robert Lewandowski.
Beckenbauer commented:
“A big transfer doesn’t make any sense to me. When I look at the current squad, I notice that on every position Bayern have two, if not three options”
However, Pep Guardiola is not going to copy the playing style Heynckes is following. The Spanish manager will bring in his own philosophy and will surely need the kind of players to implement his own methods.
Talking about strikers, Claudio Pizzaro, who is currently 34 years old, will be out of contract in summer. One can expect Pep to not renew the contract. Then there are 2 Marios in the side. Mandzukic perhaps suits Guardiola’s style of play more than Gomez mainly because he is more mobile.
Bayern without a doubt will let Guardiola decide on the balance of side to get the best out of the Germans. He may as well decide to sell Gomez if he does not fit in like he did with Ibrahimovic at Barcelona. That will then open the door for a striker that would suit his style of play.
Beckenbauer may have his thoughts but all the talk about team balance does seem relevant only for now but makes no sense for next season as someone else will be responsible for the onfield performances of Bayern Munich and that will be Guardiola. Eventually, he will decide the team he desires and don’t think anyone will look to block his decisions.
For now Heynckes has set up Bayern brilliantly according to his own needs and methods but the players and the management will have to accept that Jupp’s era will be over at the end of the season and the new manager will see things in a different manner.
If Beckenbauer thinks that Guardiola is going to have the same selection for the first team like Heynckes than perhaps the German is confused as we all know that Pep’s philosophy is not the same. One can say that the Spanish manager will not be able to imitate the Barca style completely at Munich but one thing for sure is that he is not going to reproduce Jupp Heynckes style as well.
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  1. Avatar Kauehnas says:

    Pep wil try his style but it is not that he will undo the good work done by Jupp

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