Arsenal – Why Signing Nacho was More Important Than Villa

Arsenal Angle – Why Signing Nacho was More Important Than VillaArsenal finally signed someone on the deadline day to reinforce their defense and not attack. The Gunners signed Nacho Monreal from Spanish side Malaga but failed to lure Barcelona’s David Villa.
Considering their poor outings, Arsenal needed more than one signing to increase squad depth and quality still the arrival of Nacho was more important than Villa or any other attacker. Nacho is an experienced left back with brilliant crossing ability that to support in the attack as well.
The Spanish defender is only second to compatriot Jordi Alba in the national side but he is not far away from him in terms of quality.
Arsenal fans are disappointed with the little business done in the transfer window when the funds were available. However not signing Villa is by no means a calamity. In fact Arsenal needed another defender more than a striker.
The Gunners have conceded first in their last 5 premier league games, that shows how vulnerable they are when it comes to defense. Even the experience Per Mertesacker has disappointed and captain Vermaelen has not been impressive as well.
Against Liverpool, their defensive setup made comedy of errors to allow the visitors to score twice and could have even conceded more had Liverpool finished well.
On the other hand, recently Arsenal’s attack has shown signs of massive improvement. Podolski and Giroud, who were criticized a lot are now coming to form brilliantly. Adding to that, Walcott’s level of performance has increased big time since signing a new contract last month.
The perfect example of their brilliant attack was shown in the match against Liverpool, where they bounced back from 2 goals down to complete fantastic comeback. Therefore, Wenger does not need to make many changes in the attacking trio who are in superb form right now.
As the season progresses, they will inevitably improve more. Then again, Nacho will add more firepower into attack as well and bring stability in defense that Gibbs and mainly Santos failed to provide. Hence not signing Villa should not be considered a massive disappointment, having said that Arsenal’s transfer campaign was far from convincing.

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  1. Garindj says:

    Wenger saves $$$ for his own use even if he is given free hand to spend, he won’t. That will cost us champions league this season

  2. Thomas says:

    Oh stop it.
    Had the chance to really strengthen squad – didnt take it – who expected anything else? And so sad that people were getting excited about signing a 31y old with a broken leg, how far the mighty have fallen.
    Were going to finish 6th. Only question now is will Wenger keep his job (want to stay) when fans really show their anger.

  3. bensol says:

    Wenger is a fool..his time is up.I once lovd n admire him for his seems he hz lsost all dat..hour is a gambler.we are ruined.

  4. Vincent Ouma Butuba says:

    I have no idea of Nacho but i can only say thanks for the left back, for sure in the absence of Gibbs we were to safer badly, also he could have considered getting a striker and midfielder for us to be some where. It has happened we have nothing to do let us wait and see where we will be placed in the premier league.

  5. solomon says:

    Wenger has desided to just hat us we will all be right in bleming him on arsenal’s miss out in next seasons champions then we will begin our sem say “‘wait for next season,” We r tired with his experiments som 1 shuld tell him

  6. Asene Wenger has tried bt is to let d Cat out of d Bag,pls go d Prof,abeg

  7. l honestly think Wenger is diseased.He just have to Go. because we are tired of his stupid excuseS.We were reliably told he was given more money but look at what he has done.on the dateline imagine.lam sick and tired of this man.whoever he has signed will not play in the champions league.BULLSHIT.

  8. Edwins odhiambo says:

    The solution to getting back the old gunners is by letting Wenger go. The sooner the better and to the writer of this article be honest to yourself dont back what majority believe is not enough.

  9. SIMI says:

    wenger has been an incredible manger of our great club down the years, but i really think he has very stubborn of late, doing things his own way. not minding the emotional pains he costs us. one thing him and the board members should know is that we (the fans) own the club, not them. if not for the match ticket fees, t.v and satellite rights, internet usage and other merchandise, they wont be making any money whatsoever. so if we say “spend the money”, they should spend the fucking money.

  10. MC says:

    Wenger doesn’t care about us the fans. Simple

  11. Patrick Ssekatawa says:

    You may be right that signing a defender was more important than landing Villa,but truth remains, Wenger is a massive disappointment! We lack muscle in midfield, Diame was there, Wenger didnt take him. Adrian was there too! It is foolish to claim that he couldnt find the players to improve our team when we have Gervinho, Santos, Squillaci, Arshavin in the side! We dont need to sign superstars to be competitive again, do we? He has turned us into a laughing stock by driving us into mediocrity. Its a pity!!!!

  12. alan b'stard M P says:

    Wenger and the board are bad eggs. I don’t care about CL, just FA cup & EPL

  13. aiyedun jude says:

    UyIn my opinion, Mr. Wenger got it wrongly not signing a proven defensive midfielder (Diamme), and an eligible left full back, who could still play for us in the UCL. Anyway, We’ll all keep our fingers cross to see what happen @ the end of the season.

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