Walcott Finally Signs But It's Not All Good

Walcott Finally Sings But It's Not All GoodToday the rumours were confirmed as Walcott perhaps finally found his pen, and put pen to paper and signed a deal with Arsenal, keeping him at the club for the next three and a half years.
Walcott is now on 100 thousand a week, not to mention his three million pound signing on fee. However, although many Arsenal fans will take this as the good news, it should be but I’m not so sure. Although Walcott claims to have always wanted to sign for Arsenal since the negotiations began, he has disrupted Arsenal greatly during this time.
First of all, he left Arsenal with no choice but to make Walcott the highest earner at the club if they want to keep him, and second of all, his desire and seemingly necessity to play down the middle, has not only tied Wenger’s hands behind his back, but also left the team very, very unbalanced, even if he does start on the right. This is because he wants to show what he is capable of down the middle, and has clearly been given freedom to venture into the striker role.
This has left Sagna extremely exposed during almost every game Walcott plays, although the blame has been shifted to Sagna, you can hardly blame him when he has to take care of the whole right side of the pitch. In turn, this has forced Cazorla to drift out into the position Walcott has vacated, and therefore the team is very unbalanced.
Walcott has also really messed up Arsenal’s transfer window, as Wenger made it clear no signings would be made until Walcott had signed ‘da ting. Arsenal fans are lucky he didn’t leave it until deadline day. One thing’s for sure, whenever Walcott plays on the right, he simply cannot act like a big-time-charlie, now that he’s the highest paid player at the club, and go and play up top if he feels like it, or run with the ball for 20 yards and then lose it if he feels like it.
However, Walcott finally signing a new deal is also a good thing, of course. Firstly, it was vital that Theo didn’t turn into another Van Persie, and portray Arsenal once again, as a ‘selling club.‘ This pressure that Walcott has essentially brought on himself, could, however, be the making of him. If he steps up to the plate which Wenger has served him, then he could reap the rewards. Above all, he does have the potential to be a very good player, and Arsenal can now go out and buy Edison Cavani, Fellaini, and Messi, eh?
We’ll see what the remainder of January has to offer for Arsenal fans, but now that Walcott is on board for the next 3 and a half years, Arsenal can move on, and maybe Walcott will up his game and prove he’s worth his 100,000 a week, I think he can, but he still has much to do.
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  1. walnut says:

    Took 5 months in the decision, simple as that he wanted MONEY MERCENARY
    does not deserve to wear that shirt, aint our best player either but best earner :@

    • rgales says:

      He may not be our best player but this game is won by putting the ball in the back of the net…last year he was our second best attacker behing van persie…now he is the best attacker we have

  2. Ranget says:

    Both sides of the discussion are fair enough
    wasted too much time, not a central striker
    may improve after getting his desired contract, may lose form because of the same

  3. Roy says:

    I agree with your article re.Walcott’s money quest and his right sided duties for the team.All his good work scoring goals and providing assists is negated by his poor graft side of his game which often puts our midfield and defence under pressure.Get that sorted and you might be worth the 100grand a Wk.

  4. Akuve says:

    Bad news 2 me. Wenger has onli succeeded in makin transfers more difficult in Arsenal by agreeing 2 pay Walcott 100K per wk. Now, bigger or better players coming 2 Arsenal (dat is if there are ani coming at all) will demand higher pay considerin their qualities n Walcott’s. Dis is d beginnin of d end of Wenger’s financial policies, but if itz gonna hlp d team win trophies then I don’t care hw much’s spent.

  5. Phills says:

    How ever we look at it,it post a boost 2 arsenal fan 4him 2stay so d club wil chang dis urgly dimension of selling d best out of ours.lets gv him a chance n judge his per4mance frm nxt thereafter.

  6. Phills says:

    How ever we look at it,it post a boost 2 arsenal fan 4him 2stay so d club wil chang dis urgly dimension of selling d best out of ours.lets gv him a chance n judge his per4mance thereafter.

  7. shaxaari-no1 says:

    he took 3million 4 singing new contrect an he wants 100 a week and he singned only three an half years
    after one an half year we have to open new negosition and then he needs another 3 million and 150\200 so is that good adia ?

  8. Samo says:

    Cheer up Arsenal fans, Walcott is a great talent with great pace and shooting. The only thing he needs to work on is controlling the ball and pass to his team-mates.

  9. Somtee says:

    Baz,Wenger is not the highest paid manager in EPL,Fergie and Mancini are ahead of him

  10. Duducane says:

    I think Wilshire deserves the £100k more than Theo. Wilshire for the Armband….

  11. Roy says:

    By earning 100k-a-week, Walcott has already breached world football’s most stubborn defense: Arsenal’s bizarre wage structure. I personally see this as a positive change as Wenger’s current socialist wage structure has already caused us a few gems and we could barely afford another casualty. I am sure this will pave the way to clear more deadwoods at AFC and make room for more high profile, highly-paid signings.

  12. Paul says:

    Now dat Walcot had signed a new contract, wenger should go 4 another 3 big players(2,4 and 9) if he want to win trophies. But why is Wenger sluggish in signing players………..?

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